When a yellow brigade used to swarm the ground

And opponents were thrashed round after round,

Now when emotion fills our hearts ,

Is when we know it was not just about the  22 yards.


When the 1.5 million dollars made the world turn

Nobody could have predicted what results it would churn

And the love of the people and the reception by the city

To other teams we would say, ”Oh what a pity”


But the match-fixing scandal just caused an earthquake

It meant till midnight no one would stay awake

To watch their team taste glory

And other teams’ reactions gory.


This earthquake did not take a life

But took away plenty of hearts

Brimming with pride and joy

and what else to say, oh boy.


But we the people never lose hope

Be it match-fixing or dope

It only makes us stronger

Even if the wait becomes longer.

Written by: Anirudh Ramesh, First year, Electronics and Communication.