The NEET Controversy

The NEET examination has been embroiled in lots of controversy, especially among rural students. A deeper analysis has been presented here.

It is a no brainer that the syllabi prescribed by most of the boards in various states are dilute and of low standards. Only those in charge can be blamed for this. No effort has been taken to raise the standards. For example, the syllabus for HSC in TN schools was supposed to be revised three years back. However, no further step has been taken and the authorities have been very lethargic in executing this. Had they done it, students would not be facing such a high standard competitive exam today. This could be a blessing in disguise as NEET would at least force these people to implement the new syllabus sooner. Thus, throughout India,the standard of education will be increased.


By implementing it as soon as possible, the BJP government has clearly shown that it means business in improving education in India. Our system is no match for most of the foreign countries. And what better way to bring forth change by implementing this straight away?

The exam isn’t as fussy as it is portrayed to . The government has taken all the necessary steps to make it convenient. Vernacular languages are also used in the question papers. Yes, the paper will be tough, but life is all about survival of the fittest, isn’t it ?



In Tamil Nadu, engineering admissions are done through the single window counseling process by Anna University. It is crystal clear that the CBSE syllabus is a harder nut to crack than the State Board syllabus. Yet, no additional marks have been provided to the CBSE students. The colleges and the nation is at total loss here, as many talented students from the Central Board will not get admission in most of the top colleges. There are plenty of students who still mug and memorize in college. The point of education is totally lost then and there. Every student should get an equal chance and that’s not happening in many parts of the country.

Last but not the least, the medical profession has come under scrutiny of late, for fake medical degrees and for plundering capitation fees from students. With the advent of NEET, seats will be given only based on merit and not on monetary grounds. The deserved will thrive.



The NEET exam is here to stay. It’s high time we look at few of the policies introduced by the Centre with optimism, and yes, I am highly optimistic of this move. And I sincerely hope the same happens for engineering too, Thank you.

Written by: Sharada Prasad , First year, Electronics and Communication.