A Rant on Celebration

From what I have observed, there are basically 3 kinds of celebrations. I believe that the people of this world can be distinctly separated into three groups, based on their methods and techniques of rejoice.

The first group is something of an amazement to me. They identify with things that, according to me, are very difficult to relate to. I would even term them as bizarre. Their celebrations include a show of massive hue and cry, along with extravagant arrangements which usually involve huge expenses. I also find it disruptive and turbulent. But when seen from a different perspective, it might actually be amusing. For example the scene outside the theater, on the day of the release of Sallu Bhai’s films exactly fit the above description. Not just him, any popular star for that matter. Oh! And the big fat Indian weddings! That calls for a separate rant and it will be spoken about soon.

For these group of people, the dance floor is the road; the constant and loud sound of whistle and drums, fill the position of the DJ. The sun rays of these occasionsal Friday mornings constitute the disco lights. The entire day is made extremely eventful, and people like me, fail to get the purpose behind this entire fuss.

Which brings me to the second group of people: They are the ones who yearn to settle in Britain or the United States. Some of them probably think that they already live there. Their world is small, so small, to the point that it becomes irrelevant. Unlike the first group of people, they celebrate without any reason whatsoever. It is more like an obligation to be fulfilled before every weekend. Their parties include legit dance floors, DJs, stilettos and little black dresses. I believe you must’ve gotten the drift already.

Now, after deep introspection, I have identified another group of people. What comes as a surprise to me is that I think the people belonging to this category are the majority. It also is a revelation to me that I myself belong to this group. We are the kind of people, who express happiness in a way that no one can precisely decipher. Our celebrations do not involve a lot of people. The reasons for it, are not exciting, but they aren’t meaningless either. Like a girl celebrates the end of her period, a mother is happy that her child has stopped wetting his bed, the feel of overcoming jet lag… They are one of a kind.

Now that it’s all detailed out, I’m musing for an answer to this question: who has the maximum fun? I believe it must be the person, who doesn’t celebrate just for amusement or entertainment, but for his principles and his existence, for the triumph of the greater good. Celebration is power, an act of reverence and of fulfillment. It has to be earned.

Like Anne Carson said, only a person who has realized that he owes a debt to death, that life is nothing but catastrophe, will know the true power of celebration. It is them who have the maximum fun.

Written by: Gowri Ramshankar, First Year , Electronics and Instrumentation.