The State of Our State


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Ever wondered how the people of TN feel in the current turmoil of the state government? There is no doubt that the current scenario of politics in Tamil Nadu closely resembles a primary classroom wherein a child’s relationship with his classmate changes quite often with his mood! The state government is suffering from indescribable woe after the death of the Chief Minister. An acting CM was elected and a new general secretary was appointed.

While everything seemed to be in place, the Supreme Court’s verdict dashed the hopes of the general secretary, arresting her instead. This followed the ousting of the acting CM without any proper explanation to the people. Such flippant attitude is surely not expected by people from their elected body of ministers.


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There is complete uncertainty in relationship among the ministers. One will never know if a person is an ally or a foe of other as this is subject to variations over a period of time. One should not get surprised on hearing a minister accusing another about whom, a few days ago, he had spoken high of. The vice versa also holds good. Two different factions being formed and a tug of war for the party’s symbol follows next. One side trying to bribe the EC for the above cause adds a feather to the cap of existing issues. The EC’s action of freezing the symbol promptly led to the reconciliation talks between the two. The hostility seems to vanish suddenly inspite of the terms and conditions laid by a faction for merging. Does this not seem like a fight between two kids?

Are the so called ministers concerned for the people? Is serving people their real intention? When will all the issues be addressed and when will the government ever form? The decorum and dignity of the government is fading away. The public’s hope that the elected representatives would serve their very purpose is apparently getting shattered. The future of the state is in limbo, at least until the next assembly elections. I find it fit to remind the politicians of the state that “The government is by the people, of the people and for the people! If, we, the people wish for a change, we will make it happen anytime.”

Written by Abhishekavalli. K, Second year, Electronics and Instrumentation