It ends, only to begin – Poem


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Everyone will face days of failure.
Failure which makes you feel so down.
Down the stream of life, this is common.
Common note of life it is!
“Is there”, you may think, “no solution?”
Solution to reach success;
Success which brings you the expensive smile;
Smile which you do but not alone.
Alone, you think in that dark room with four big walls.
Walls of ignorance stopping you from understanding one.
One important fact, you must know-
Know that something which ends is not really an ending.
Ending of one is the beginning of another.
Another life? It’s not sure.
Sure is that you will be out of this bad time.
Time never stops; so why should you?
You can die whenever you want.
Want a life? It’s not easy to get.
Get a positive outlook and live.
Live this unpromising life.
Life which is indeed a mystery;
Mystery, too tough to solve.
Solve it to understand.
Understand for once and fall in love!

Written by Swathi Mohan, second year Aeronautical Engineering