Pain of Love – Poem


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Not every day do I cry
Like I’m doing now
As there is pain in my heart
Letting out the tears that drown.
Was it my fault that I met you?
Never even had known your existence, nor the pain.
But felt something strange as you passed by
Told my heart to slow down the beat but in vain.
You showed me happiness;
And made me dwell in excitement.
It has been you since then.
But for you, it was her.
A pretty girl, whom you fell for, meanwhile.
Seeing you happy, holding her hand
Insides burn but I smile.
Is it okay to break down beneath the smile?
Is it okay to lie that I’m just your friend?
Is it wrong to love you even when you are hers?


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Holding on, for I can’t see the end.
Lucky her, she got you.
Lucky me, I love you!
An explorer will get lost
As my love is too vast.
All the tapes will fail measure
As my love is too deep.
Now all I can do is to weep;
Holding my stomach and what is called as the place of the heart;
And wishing for one more hand
To wipe my tears and thereby saving my pillow
In the devouring darkness, which is much more benign.
Lucky her, she got you.
Lucky me, I love you!

Written by Swathi Mohan, second year Aeronautical engineering