Feminism Gone Wrong

Hello folks!

The feminist movement of India is facing a lot of criticism in the current period. In this article, let me present to you few loopholes which aren’t apparent to everyone’s eye.


The current situation:

Women are still being discriminated in many areas. But the situation is getting better day by day. Urban people are becoming more broad minded and judgement of women based on their looks is somewhat reducing. But, sadly the laws in India are partial when it comes to gender.

Are you a girl? Are you facing any harassment from a boy? File a case and see him go to jail. In most cases when a complaint like this is filed against a boy, no investigation takes place and he faces trouble. Sounds good right? They cannot come up with a way to get away with making mistakes. Serves them right. Doesn’t it? NO. It might seem like a good decision. But some women are misusing this to blackmail men and to get things done. I have read about many such incidents though I am yet to witness one myself.

Dowry is a punishable offence. Yes I agree with this. But, there are some incidents of women using this to harass the bridegroom as well as his family. Blackmailing too is an offence. But women get away with it.

There are instances where after being dissatisfied with a live-in relationship, a woman files a rape case against the man and gets away. This is injustice. Rape cases must be handled without mercy. There is no denying it. But loopholes in the law make it living hell for a few innocent men.

Now let us come to the most popular case. Public transportation system which reserves seats for women. For what? To prevent harassment? Wow. Genius!

In case of Tamil Nadu MTC buses, the seats at the left hand side as well as the seats at the back are reserved for women. About half of the seats are reserved for women while none are specially reserved for men. How does this cause a problem?

Imagine you are a man, who is very tired and you get a bus after waiting for a long time. The seats at the left are unoccupied. But they are reserved for women. But the seats at the right are filled. But you are left with no choice and you are forced to to stand. But now comes the interesting part. On the next stop a woman gets on the bus and voila! She has seats available and she can sit all the way along the trip. Here you are boarding the bus before and standing despite being tired and she climbs after you and did not find it difficult to get a seat. But the real problem arises when women sit on the seats at the right even though when the seats reserved for them are free. This is sheer injustice.

Feminism was started with gender equality as its goal. But what it is fighting for right now is women’s rights alone and turning a blind eye to laws unfavorable to men. If this situation continues, the whole cause of feminism will be mocked upon and it will lose the support of men.


I have this habit of giving solutions along with addressing a problem. So, here are a few solutions:


1. If you’re a woman, next time when you see a woman misusing law, do not support her or ignore the issue.

2. Chivalry works both ways. When you see a senior citizen or an injured man, do not hesitate to offer your seat. Men alone need not give up their seats for women.

3. When an issue arises between a man and a woman, the crowd tends to side up with the woman. This makes the man feel powerless. Support the right party, irrespective of gender.

Written by Kishore Kumar, First year ECE