TN politics – an overview

Greetings to everyone reading this, to every person in Tamil Nadu waiting for fruitful politics to come forward.

Who is the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu?

If I had asked you this question a year ago, you would have given me a stable answer. But, today that is not the case. Since the 2016 TN legislature elections, the state has seen 3 CMs. The people here are making the same mistake again and again.

Here, I am going to discuss about the different chief ministers the state has seen over the ages and about the dark period now.


K. Kamaraj

So, let me start. K Kamraj was the best head of state. He had not completed his school education, but he opened many schools. He had a vision for the future. He opened many industries, built many dams. He had a chance to become the first PM from Tamil Nadu, but not only did he refuse the chance, but he made Lal Bahadur Sastri as the PM and earned the title “King Maker”. People here are yearning for another leader like him. Next, sensing the problems faced by poor children in TN, he brought about the midday meals scheme. This scheme made many poor children in TN to go to school.


 C N Annadurai

C N Annadurai was the first Non-Congress CM of Tamil Nadu. The people of Tamil Nadu fondly addressed him as “Anna” which means “Elder brother” in Tamil. He was an able orator, he was well versed in both English and Tamil. He wrote several plays which were later made into movies. Earlier the name “Madras Presidency” was used to describe the state. Anna passed a resolution in the TN legislature and changed that name to “Tamil Nadu”. The people of the state will be forever grateful to him for that.


 K Karunanidhi

The godfather of TN politics, the oldest living former CM of Tamil Nadu, he is none other than the DMK president M Karunanidhi. He was the successor to Anna after V K Nedunchezhian and has been occupying the post ever since. Mainly criticized by many for involving his family to control the affairs of the states when he was acting as the CM of the state. However, he has done good things too. Sensing the difficulties faced by the village students in facing the Engineering and medical entrance exams, he passed a resolution in the legislature and made the state an exception from facing compulsory entrance exams. I will quote his famous quote here…



              ”  தமிழர்களே தமிழர்களே நீங்கள் என்னை கடலில் தூக்கி போட்டாலும் கட்டுமரமாய் மிதப்பேன்” 


 M G Ramachandran



Often called by his admirers as “Puratchi thalaivar”, M G Ramachandran remains the only CM, apart from Kamraj and Rajaji to have received the Bharath Ratna award. He was an actor.

Initially he was in the DMK with M Karunanidhi and Anna. After Anna’s death, problems started arising between Kalaignar and M G R. The latter being the party’s treasurer questioned the former about the party fund accounts. He came out from the party and started AIADMK. He got victory and became the CM in the 1977 elections. His popularity was mainly because he was an actor and he influenced the masses with the social message songs through his movies. He had thousands of die-hard fans. He transformed the Mid-day meals scheme introduced by K Kamraj into nutritious mid day meals scheme. He was awarded the highest civilian honour of the country after his death.


J Jayalalithaa                


Not only ADMK partymen, the entire nation called her as “AMMA”. After the death of M G R, there was civil war in the ADMK. The competition was between Janaki Ramachandran, wife of M G R and Jayalalithaa. Janaki was made CM following the death of M G R, but it was dismissed and then in the elections there after, the Jayalalithaa led faction gained victory in about 29 constituencies and she became the leader of the opposition. After a brief period of time, ADMK was united and they gained the lucky “two leaves” symbol. During this period Kalaignar was the CM, he was reading the budget that day in the legislative assembly.

Jayalalithaa was  the leader of Opposition at that time. She was dishonoured in the assembly. It was alleged that DMK members went on rogue mode and pulled her hair, doing that kind of nasty things. She made a vow that she would return to the assembly only as CM. The DMK government was later dismissed and President’s rule was imposed in Tamil Nadu. Later on in the 1991 elections, she became the CM of Tamil Nadu. During this period she, along with V K Sasikala did some activities that were not acceptable. This brought her a bad name. She fought with the central government for the state’s rights in several issues and won them. As a result of her staunch effort, the SC ordered Karnataka government to release water from Cauvery and it got published in The Government of India official gazette.

I choose not to speak about the rest. What I would like to say is that Tamil Nadu CM’s chair is not a musical chair. I hope that future youngsters of TN will come to politics and the state would see another golden era of politicians.

                                    JAI HIND   !!!!!!!

                       SATYAMEVA  JAYATE !!!!!!

Written by Arun Balaji, first year Electronics and Communications Engineering