Blitzkrieg 2017 – Report

Blitzkrieg is the name of a form of fast military attack used by Germans in World War 2. And QCMIT’s version of it was no different. The participants were continuously attacked with tricky questions  round after round.

Blitzkrieg is the annual inter-college quiz event conducted by the Quiz Club Of MIT(QCMIT). This year witnessed the 2nd edition of this grand event. It was held on 19th March, Sunday.

Before the quiz, there was a short talk delivered by Mr. Jayanth, staff coordinator of QCMIT. He congratulated QCMIT for taking the efforts to organise an event of this scale and also wished all the best to the participating teams.  He also expressed happiness in many teams from other colleges also  taking part in the quiz. 2 alumni  who were the founding members of QCMIT were also honoured. Both of them  talked about their  journey of starting the quiz club as an unofficial organisation to making it official.

The quiz started off with a preliminary round at 11:30 am. It was a written round and consisted of 26 questions . There was an interesting theme, too. It was  revealed that  the answers of the 26 questions would begin with the 26 letters of the English alphabet in order, i.e. the answer to the first question began with ‘A’, the answer to the second with ‘B’ and so on. The questions were of high standard and difficult to crack.

The top 16 teams from the preliminary round were selected to the semi-finals.  Team nos. 1,3,5,7,..15 were one group and contested the 1st semi-final and even-numbered teams contested the 2nd semi-final. Both the semi-finals had rounds like infy pounce, minimalist posters of movies round, short visual connect and long visual connect. Each semi-final lasted about an hour. Again, the questions were very good and the answers to the visual connects were really ingenious, a  couple of them being types of hair-cuts and names of operations carried out by Indian military.

The top 4 teams from each semi-final were selected for the final. The final consisted of the following rounds:  Infy pounce, Kollywood round, Hollywood quotes round, Sports round, Audio/video round and a written differential scoring round. A team from SSN college stormed into the lead early in the final and maintained their lead to subsequently   win the quiz. The team which came second consisted of 3 students from 3 different colleges-  Vivekananda, KCG and St. Joseph’s.  This team also was continuously 2nd throughout the final.


However, there was a twist in the tale in the battle for 3rd place. A team from MIT, consisting of 1st year ECE students Anirudh R(myself) and Arun Balaji G and 2nd year ECE student Yuvaraj scored a mammoth 75 points in the final differential round to secure 3rd place. They were in the 7th place till the final round. This turnaround was probably the highlight of the final and what made it even more special was that it was a host team which had scripted this comeback.

The day ended  with the prize distribution which was presided by Mr. Jayanth and the founders of QCMIT. The overall prize money was worth 20K. The entire day was filled with fun, entertainment, thinking, innovative guesses and everything else you expect from quizzes.

Kudos to the final year QCMIT members, led by chairman Sangeeth Raja, who framed such brilliant questions and organised the quiz so efficiently and whose judgements were fair and square. This event wouldn’t have been a reality if not for them. Hope this ‘Blitzkrieg’ reaches greater heights and glories in the coming editions.

Reported by Anirudh Ramesh, first year ECE