Who are you? – Poem


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Before meeting you, I had read about you,

And the way you treated your subordinates.

No one spoke ill of you and had high regard for you.

Then the time came when I faced you;

The beginning wasn’t as bad as I feared,

Later you then showed me your true colors,

You became the stinking gutters to the visiting foreigner,

I wanted to remind you several times-

That there’s no Wi-Fi in prison and all it required was a phone call.

Was it your ego? I don’t know.

Kudos to you for making me chickenhearted and a bugbear.

But there were few good souls who bailed you out

Ones I approach come rain or shine,

If I’m doing well and have survived these 7 months,

It is they who helped me focus

And salvaged me from getting deterred by dimwits.

Time does heal things,

But sorry! My first impression was the worst;

Thanks for those crazy memories

But may I ask- Who are you?

Written by Madhav Ganapathy, first year Aeronautical Engineering.