Electrofocus 2017 – Report

Electrofocus, the annual inter-college technical symposium conducted by the department of Electronics Engineering was held on March 10, 11 and 12 of 2017.


Day 1 and 2:

Electrofocus started off with a series of technical and non-technical events, which provided a great platform for the participants to showcase their talents. Technical events like Battling Binary, Liaise the Links, Work the Network, Techno Wizards, C struck, Silicon siege, and Technical quiz witnessed a great number of enthusiastic participants. Those interested in Robotics were in for a treat , for the bots battled it out in All Terrain, Robosoccer, Line follower, Maze solver, Robocalypse and Jallikattu Jockey.




Electrofocus gave the first years a chance to prove how adept they were at building innovative circuits and at presenting them through Hope Circuit.  Apart from this Click a pic , Entrepreneurship hunt, paper presentation, and Project Display were also conducted to test the participants’ presentation skills.


Dr.S. Krishnakumar’s quirkily themed lecture on Communication with Aliens garnered a great deal of interest, while the lectures on Internet of things by DR.K.S. Venkataraghavan, principle scientist-IIT Madras,   Digital Payaments by Mr. Sabapathy Narayanan, and Defence Electronics presented by Bharath Electronics Limited (BEL), were met with an enthusiastic response from the students.




Several workshops were held over the course of those two days and the one that immediately grabbed people’s interest was Samsung’s Life cycle of SOC   , for it was the first time the tech giant had ever conducted a workshop in India.  The other workshops dealt with Network Security (presented by CISCO), Industry Automation, Android development, Autotronics, 4G-communication (presented by BSNL), Automation(CEERI), Automation-Raspberry Pi and Open CV. Attractive internships were also offered. 


The non-technical events included Math maverick, Manager unplugged, Q-fiesta, Mock IPL bidding, Dream 11 FIFA, How Stuff Works and Treasure Hunt.  Enthusiastic gamers showcased their gaming kills in Fifa 14, Counter Strike and Need for Speed. 


Day 3:



The official Alumni meet was held on the morning of March 12,2017.  It turned out to become an unforgettable experience for all those gathered at the meet, for there in that hall were Mitians , right from the 2nd Batch to the 64th Batch,  sharing nostalgic memories and kind words of advice.  After such a memorable Alumni Meet, one can confidently say that Electrofocus 2017 ended on a high note.

Reported by Tirumalasri Vedam , first year Electronics and Communication Engineering.