Prayatna 2017 – Report

Replace excuses with efforts, laziness with determination and everything will fall in its place”

Prayatna, the annual technical symposium organised by the Association of Computer Technologists, held on March 3rd and 4th proved to be the righteous example. The two day extravaganza boasted of a huge array of both technical and non-technical events.

The event started gathering attraction through various fun filled online events like contests for Meme creators, Dubsmashers, IPL Auction, Legends of the Hidden Temple which indeed provided the right tempo. 

Day 1: 


The Day 1 of Prayatna kicked off with a grand inauguration which was presided by Dr. Mohammad Younus Omid, Founder of Omid Infotech, CEO of Arbnet Private Limited, and Dr. Samer Hasan, Founder and CEO India Tech Software Solutions. The technical events namely Onsite Programming Contest, Debugging, Web Designing, Quintuplets, Paper Presentation tested the grey matter of the participants with intriguing questions.

The event Prayatna.Inc was a first of its kind event conducted in Prayatna where the contestants were exposed to the real-time placement processes and were put under the pressure test. All these technical events boasted of internships from reputed companies like Amazon, Zoho, CNSI, Botclub, Accolite etc. which boosted the contestants’ involvement. Apart from these there were several new domains that the workshops explored like Mobile Hacking, Android Programming for Wearables, Augmented Reality in which participants were guided through several amazing concepts with hands on experience, by expert foreign trainers. Apart from the technical events the non-technical events like Prestige, B plan, Google geeks, Math-O-Mania, Treasure Hunt etc. proved to be real fun for students from all departments.

Codechef, the renowned programming website, conducted a workshop “Codechef for Schools”, where school students were taught about the need for programming knowledge and a fun session of puzzle solving and brain teasers took place. 




Day 2: 

The second day of schedule housed events like Reverse Coding, Iteratively Recurse, Linux Mate, SQL Scholar, Coffee with Java with eye catching internships and prizes which enhanced the competitive spirit among the technocrats.  The show stopper of the day was the Mega Event which was hosted by VJ Niveditha from Sun Music. The event tested the participants through various intriguing and fun filled rounds like adzap etc. for a gift worth 30,000 INR. The second day of workshops included Deep Learning from Google, Android Robotics, Game development and Animation and VFX taking the participants to a new world of learning.

The Symposium came to a joyous end with the Alumni meet where the students got an opportunity to meet and interact with their passed-out seniors.

The MIT Quill would like to congratulate the Association of Computer Technologists on successfully conducting Prayatna 2k17 and wish them great success in their upcoming endeavors.


Reported by Saran V S , First year Computer Technology.