Without you


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Where would I go

When you are still here with me

Haunting me in my dreams

Wish the dreams come true

Waiting for the last chance

To see you just one last time in my life

Why did you just walk out of my life?

When you knew  you were so important to me

Well! You know I am an alien

Without you in this world

Why won’t you just come to me


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Let the Lord ask my wish

I would just ask one thing

Take me along with you

And I can surely reach you

In the heavens with pleasure

To make all my dreams come true

Well! You can just see me

Craving for you, then why did you leave

When I look back into the past

Your scoldings make me happy

Your sadness makes me cry

Your happiness makes me happy

I just exist in an era of mixed emotions

Even when you don’t exist now

I can still hear

Your words of motivation

Stabbing through my heart

Changing my blood hot

Just by the fire of inspiration

To succeed in life!

Your goals have become mine

So, now I will strive

And walk through this lonely path of life

To touch the end of it!


Written by Sanjana Prabakar, Second year Electronics and Communication Engineering