How To Tame A Broken Heart

Well, wait. The obvious thought which comes to your mind on seeing the title isn’t always the only reason behind heartbreaks. My article is based on a very broad perspective. 

1. Hit the gym.

More than the pain you undergo during workouts,the ultimate difficulty is with attending it continuously for one month.Later on, it becomes a routine.Transformation indeed gives you confidence and also makes you feel better about yourself.

2. Socialise.

Connect with friends and family and try not to loose your mind when they give you advice or when they try to console you. Private time also contributes a lot but make sure its productive. 



There would be things which would remind you about the stuff from the past.Two options,either wade through it or better ignore, though ignorance cannot be a permanent answer. You are back to normal only when the source of the dark memories that caused an eerie once upon a time, causes laughter now.

4.Use it.

It isn’t necessary that pain should only cause sorrow and disbelief.Invest the feelings and thoughts that you had, during that time, through a story,a poem,an anectode, a song or even through an article(like this).


Written by Naren Venkatesh, First year Automobile Engineering.