Reservations – A word scary enough to give nightmares and make sweat beads appear on people’s foreheads in our country. We’ll ignore IRCTC reservations because the lousy server needs more than 400 crores for a makeover. So the ones that need a heads-up are PSU and College admissions. This has been a topic of discussion among the internet Hindus for a long time now in the social media. But sadly, it’s only being targeted at the people who are utilizing the service and not at the people who framed it. Denying a deserving candidate his seat solely because he has an “O” instead of a “S” or a “B” in a certificate issued by Municipal Corporation, is a pity. All the hardship a person goes through to secure a mark or reach a position is finally thrashed by a sheet of paper with green ink. Like two sides of a coin, the government is providing these facilities to change the social and economic state of groups of people who were once disregarded by the same society. But the governing bodies fail to realise that the very people who were once the only scholars during the king regime are struggling economically now. Many in the so called “disregarded” community now have money enough to build engineering colleges or start an industry. It’s a pity that over the past 60 odd years none of the politicians or the rubber-stamp officials were able to devise a suitable plan. So now rises a question – How to frame these reservations then? Plan the reservations based on the economic status of people and not on paper certificate. Agreed, it’s not easy to decide the economic level of 1.2 billion Indians, but when it is easy to take a caste-based census, this is also feasible. A simple plan-  admit a child in kinder-garden or play school only if the child’s parents submit their tax payment sheet, in this way it is easy to check on the economic status of any person in this country and at the same time urges everyone to pay their taxes. Yes, there will be some loopholes which can be sorted out in the future years but it is far better than the current system and this is the most fruitful way of eliminating caste based discrimination from our secular country. But it is not possible to implement this just by venting out your anger about people who use this facility in your facebook status or by sharing memes, this change can only be put in motion if it is ushered in the right manner to the concerned officials.

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