Placements 101 – #4

An interview of Elango Prasad of Electronics and Communication Engineering by  Shyam Kamal


Before we begin, why don’t you introduce yourself?

Hello. I am Elango, from ECE- S batch, final year. I am very passionate about sports, movies and TV series. I am also an avid book reader, and I write about things that influence me.


Okay. Let’s get started. Where did you get placed?



What was the preparation like? How was the process?

I didn’t prepare much to be honest, barring a few things from the geeksforgeeks website, a superficial glance of my core subjects and some from R.S.Agarwal.


If not Gigamon, did you have some other company in mind? Or was it ‘any port in a storm’ kind of approach?

I guess you just stop being picky after you get rejected by some 20-30 odd companies. But I don’t think I was that desperate either. I had a vague unexplainable faith in myself – enough not to attend a few companies I wasn’t gaga about.


If you had to repeat the whole thing again, would you have done something differently? Like spending more time on something or getting started with something sooner.

If I were to start all over again, I think I would probably cover my bases a little bit better. But it is more wishful thinking on my part. If I had the chance, I don’t think I would have done anything spectacularly different.


You said earlier that you were rejected by a few companies along the way. Did you get frustrated at all?

Yeah, tell me about it. There were weeks when I was rejected on an almost daily basis. How can you not get frustrated, yeah? I assess myself pretty well. So, in regard to some companies, I knew I had absolutely zero chance. But in some others, it was more a matter of luck. Stricter panels or it getting late for them and them rushing through the questions as a formality or me getting questions from the one topic I sucked at.


Considering that you are still here, how did you manage to wade through all that?

(laughs) After each failed interview, I used to feel really bad myself. I wondered at times if I would ever get placed. I guess it is just a matter of faith in yourself. Sometimes, when it got really bad, I just called an unfortunate friend and complained until I got it out of the system. Usually, it took the entire day to come back to normal.


What do you think is the one key thing that got you placed?

Persistence, to be honest. Whenever I screwed up in an interview, I went home and looked up the questions that I struggled on. Like I said, sometimes it was out of my control. But when I knew I did badly, I accepted it and ensured I did the needful.


Finally, any word of advice to the juniors?

Prepare as much as you can during the pre-final year holidays. While it is valiant to prepare only the core subjects and read only them, it is wiser to read the programming basics. They can also help you in the core companies. Never settle for a company you don’t like JUST because you aren’t placed yet. I hate to say it, but placements are pretty much like the hunger games. Stay sane and come out of it unscathed in character. Good luck, because you will need it. I wish you all the best.