Love to Be Hated


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It’s a partially true and a partially imaginary incident.

It was a cloudy day, that evening.

She and I were traveling in the same train, on different compartments. She was traveling to the railway station through a local train to reach her native place. Being a dayscholar, I was returning home.

I wanted to talk to her that day. Having no topic in common, I kept thinking about it.

I passed all the stations, just thinking. When the train approached the station she had to get down at, my mind went blank and I thought of giving up the plan. Suddenly, my mind recalled the incidents that happened between us:

She was always like a Cold Fire. I feel annoyed every time I speak with her, but still I realized that the ‘Annoyance’ I get from her, is what I love about her.

I started loving everything that came from her, including the ‘Hatred’ shown upon me,

Fallen in love with being ‘hated’, the taste of being ‘loved’ seemed to be lesser.


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The station she had to get down at was nearing, I thought of telling her all these thoughts that came across my mind between the two stations.

I knew that the idea was hurried, but I doubted whether she could understand the ‘complex’ feelings I had for her.

After all, what else would a girl expect from a guy who is trying to talk to her all the time?

An “I love you”, right?

The station came and the train stopped. Getting down from it, I searched for her, remembering her navy blue ‘American Tourister’ bag.

I found her, separated from me by a crowd.

Pushing everyone, I tried to move forward. But, being scolded by the people, I was stuck at my place. After getting a bit closer, I thought of calling out her name, so that she would wait for me.

But loving to get annoyed, I was afraid that she would wait for me; I was afraid that she would smile at me;

I was afraid that she would walk with me; I was afraid that I’d be loved. Hating to be loved, I started walking slowly behind her.

My mind thought about how much I loved her,

“Not ‘love’ you idiot, it’s ‘like'”, my subconscious mind corrected.

Yeah, how much do I like her?

I liked everything about her:

Starting from her hair style, up to her attitude.

I liked everything about her; I liked her as a whole. I also liked her navy blue “American Tourister” bag with which I identify her every time from behind. But I realized that, getting annoyed by her was what I liked about her the most.

At last I was exactly behind her. My heart beat was normal. My mind was stable.

After all these thoughts, I uttered some words to her from behind.

What was that?

“Excuse me, could you please move?” I said.

She turned. I didn’t look at her. I walked and moved forward that day. Happy for loving to be “hated”.

All I realized was the complex feeling that I had for her. Annoying her that day, I made a root for getting annoyed by her the next time, which is what I always wanted from her.

The heart was free. The mind, stable. Without any communication with her, a memory of her was created.


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Written by Shahul Hameed, Second year, Automobile Engineering.