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Recently I read an article in a Tamil magazine about the knowledge of menstruation. The writer had questioned why women don’t share their knowledge of menstruation with men. When I told my mother about this, her reply was “Keep quiet. Your father is here.” Irony smiled. She didn’t get the subject of the article. But I got it. Thus this article resulted.

A stand-up comedian beautifully explained this topic using a Harry Potter analogy. She said, “Talking about menstruation and sanitary napkins in public is like standing in the Hogwarts common room and saying the name ‘Voldemort’”. Why do people make a lot of fuss? Menstruation is a part of a woman’s life. Uterus is a part of her body. Sanitary napkin is one of her monthly-shopping-items. Then why is it wrong to talk about it?


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This happened during my school days: I started menstruating in the middle of the lecture. Somehow I had managed to put up with the pain and listen to the teacher. The lunch hour, that day, was really terrible. I couldn’t eat anything. So I just rested my head on the writer and tried to sleep for a couple of minutes when few girls surrounded me. They woke me up and leaned down. A girl slowly whispered in my ear, “Are you having periods?” I looked at her face. She was the one who helped me with a napkin. Anger boiling inside me, I said, “No. I got that napkin from you to soak up the sweat.” And immediately she closed my mouth with her hand. “Shuu… the boys are around.”

The victims are both men and women. How many of the women have proper sex education?

Oh! I can catch your reaction! I talked about you-know-what!

So what?

Honestly, even most of the girls in the biology department don’t have knowledge about sex. Remember that you are not going to be a nun. Sex is also a part of a human’s life. You have all the rights to learn about it. It is a must to know about your own body.


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I know, most of you will be thinking that I’m crazy to write this article, exposing ‘the ladies’ life’. But ladies, let the men know what we go through. Also, educate yourself.

Yes, gentlemen, we bleed every month. We go through so much pain that you can’t even imagine. You must also learn about this because the ‘we’ includes your mother, your sister, your girl-friends and your wife too.

The increase in number of rapes, molestation and sexual harassment is the result of the emotional bombardment. If you tell him not to look at the bosom, he will only get curious to know what it is behind the veil. There are girls who don’t know how to differentiate between a friendly touch and a wrong touch (Even I belong to that category). So educating yourself about this is never wrong but a right move.


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Written by Swathi Mohan, Second year, Aeronautical Engineering