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The story of RLHC

By Nikhil Kanakamedala

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She wasn’t done when we left for the odd semester holidays. Come even semester and Tada! The letters have been fixed, the marble has been etched and the gates have been opened for the brand new addition to MIT, The Rajam Lecture Hall Complex. Standing right next to the majestic Lecture Hall Complex, RLHC entices hundreds of MITians everyday to throw a glance at her or perhaps a talk on her. She reminds of the beauty of something that is new and fresh.
Let me begin by telling you that it is as big as the Lecture Hall Complex. I initially thought it was smaller. But it isn’t. The look is deceiving because RLHC unlike the LHC is not built equally on either sides of the median. It is inclined to the left. So, I entered the complex and immediately went to my right, I don’t know why. I suggest you not to go there because there’s nothing there. So I turned back and all I could see was curves and bends everywhere. It does not have a smooth contour. Pillars support each bend and the complex molds into a shape that is yet to be patented.
But I should say, the corridor is really exquisite. The LHC lacks such a one. The boundary walls are low enough for people to sit and hence the complex can boast of having its very own bund. It has an open to sky architecture which adds to the aesthetic pleasure. What they’re going to do with the center open space is still not clear.


The open to air architecture


There are three floors apart from the ground floor and each floor has five rooms, an electrical room and a ‘staff’ room (which seems a little school-y by the way). Each of the three floors has a drawing room which is twice as large as the LHC Conf. hall. Windows, exactly opposite to the entrance in each floor and overlook the ancient Chrompet railway station. Lamps stand around the center space. Restrooms for now look clean and tidy.


A view of the center space from above


Rest rooms clean for now

Overall, RLHC is a well built place which not only has good facilities but also some aesthetic touch which makes us feel good. But let’s us the main question. What purpose does it serve? There are twenty rooms in the complex! A whole new complex when we need only 2 or 3 extra classes?

Why was the RLHC built?

When I asked fellow MITians this question, I got pretty mixed answers. “Mechanical department” says a few while a few stick to “Mechatronics”. The authorities when contacted said that it was built keeping in mind the future situation. They hint that the intake of certain departments might increase. A new department is not on the cards in the near future.

How long did it take to build the RLHC?

The contract was for three years. However, the RLHC was completed within one and a half years. We’re not really sure what the hurry was. But we know one thing that if you want a three year contract to be done in one and a half years; you need to push in lots of dough!

dept q 1 q 2 q 3

This is some information we collected from our survey.

Nikhil is an Instrumentation undergrad who is very much passionate in Engineering. Cricket followed by Pani puri is his favourite pass time. He is an avid reader and a small time writer.

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