The Financial Expert – Book Review

Title: The Financial Expert

Author: R.K.Narayan

Publisher: Indian Thought Publications

Rating: 4.3/5

True to the reputation of the author and the expectation his name brings in, the book delivers it all. Margayya, the Financial Expert and the protagonist of the story is the unofficial financial advisor to the villagers who flock the village Co-operative bank and earns by charging for his service. He is put to testing times – the ever complaining wife, the age-old rift with his brother and finally his son throwing his accounts book into the gutter, when Margayya’s livelihood is at stake. Whether he is able to come out of this entanglements forms the rest of the story. Though the story is one of the lengthiest of R.K.Narayan’s ( about 270 pages) , you would not feel like keeping the book aside for a moment.

True to his profession, Margayya is very money minded and arrogant. He does not listen to someone who contradicts him and cuts short anybody who advises him. But he has a great niche in business and an assertive and optimistic approach to his problems. His business talks always wins over the other person and he is always hopeful about coming out of even the worst situation the life throws on him. Whether such a person can win life is what you learn to know from this book.

R.K.Narayan has put himself into the shoes of Margayya and goes about the story with all the minute details and never fails to express the feelings of the characters aptly. Be it the mix of confusion, emotion and anger of Margyya upon hearing the news about his son’s death or the son’s outburst when Margayya brings home his poorly performed Matriculation exam grade sheet , the feelings flow into words without even the slightest of change.

Being a businessman is not so easy , that too with an attitude of what-i- say-is-always-right. Betrayal is a part of parcel of any businessman’s life. With a lot of unexpected twists and turns in the story, you can promise yourself a great read. Nevertheless, subtle humour at its best.

Written by Raghul Sekar, a thoughtful writer and a student of final year ECE department.