The Professor’s Column

By Vidhyalakshmi Manivannan

A column aimed at shrinking the little bridge between the eminent professors of our college and the students. A chance to view them behind their professional facade, take pride in the achievements of their past and see that they are just as human as we are.

This edition we have had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Thamarai Selvam, faculty of Computer Centre, MIT.

 A lot of people have been asking and hence it is the first question. What is your native, sir? And please tell us a little bit about your background.

 I am from Puducherry, a Union Territory that includes 4 regions (Yanam, Mahe, Karaikal and Pondicherry).My father is an Automobile Engineer and mother a home maker. I have one older sister settled in France and twin older brothers one settled in London and the other in my home town. I myself am settled in Chennai.

 Your Alma Mater?

I did my schooling at Petit Seminaire higher secondary school. I obtained my undergraduate degree (B.Tech CSE) from Pondicherry Engineering College, Pondicherry and graduate degree (M.E CSE) from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore (a govt. aided institution affiliated to Anna University). The M.E degree fetched me best outgoing student award, Anna University Gold Medal and also Class Topper award. I am currently doing my Ph.D. at CEG campus, Anna University.

Did you have a college nickname?

Yes – Lotus

If you were not a professor you would be?

      I started my career as a software engineer, so if I were not into teaching I would have become a software developer.

What is your worst nightmare at work?

I haven’t yet experienced one.

What is your favorite coding language and of course, why?

Java. It is a powerful and sophisticated language. Sophisticated enough to let you develop almost any user required application. It is a pleasure to code in it to develop applications satisfying ones’ need.


Art by V Keerthana, 3rd year Instrumentation

First coding language?


Grey, Purple, Orange or Brown?


The best book(s) you have ever read?

There are many. “Arthamulla Hindu Matham” –by famous lyricist and poet Kannadasan. “Intha Kulathil Kal Erindavargal”-by Vairamuthu.

The best movie(s) you have ever watched?

 Many by veteran directors like Gowtham Vasudev Menon, Manirathnam, Cheran, K. Balachandar, K.Vishwanath, Bharathiraja,Sridhar and A.P Nagarajan.

What is success according to you?

The definition for success is always subjective. According to me one’s success is measured as the degree of one’s usefulness to society.

Your message to us MITians

I feel present day generations have a lot more potential and innovative minds than previous generations. I wish that the students of MIT enjoy their college life remaining focused on their studies and life.

Vidhyalakshmi is an Electronics undergrad who is passionate about contemplative writing. JK Rowling and Dan Brown are her role models. She is a fan of Sherlock and British English.

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