Dhuruvangal Padhinaaru – Review

I went to the movie since the director had his second name same as mine, Karthick Naren. Googling on this fellow gave us a lot of info which includes that he is a 22 year old guy making his first feature film with his own money.



Coming to the movie, the certificate and the posters marks itself into the thriller genre. The story is strong enough to make your time worthwhile and it literally brought us to the edge of our seats. Rahmaan’s performance is extremely great, and credit must be given to the director for having tapped his potential. All the technical elements of the movie were at its best and the long one-take shots keep us hooked to our seats.



Since this is an minimalistic review, l don’t wish to reveal any elements about the movie. With a run time of 105 minutes, this movie is worth your time, definitely. Almost half a month after its release, it remains as the undisputed talk of the town. It is a movie that will make you think both about the story, and about yourself, culminating into a feeling of erudition in the end. 

Rating : 4/5

Reviewed minimally by Naren Venkatesh, a frequent-Friday-bunker and a first year student of Automobile Engineering.