MS Dhoni: The Unwritten Poem


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You are the one and only MS Dhoni,
Without whom the Indian team is a bunch of ponies –
Young and inexperienced, but a good talent pool,
But none to match the great Captain Cool.

You have come far from a remote town on earth,
Where, for talent, I am sure there is no dearth.
You shifted base from football to cricket,
And have been amazing behind the wicket.

The ’07 T20 World Cup was a litmus test
Which showed that you could beat the best.
The ’08 Commonwealth Series down under
Made you our country’s wonder.

The ’11 World Cup is the feather in your cap
And you had the squad whose resources you could tap.
The ’13 Champions Trophy triumph, your style, your jump,
Made us all cheer and do a passionate fist-bump.

Even though your hair and beard are turning grey,
Is it the right time to make way?
Your decision has caught us unawares
But it is not yet time to pack your bags.

So, stay for some more time, Captain
And help steady the ship,
So that we can ensure in future
That the team’s form doesn’t dip.


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Written by Anirudh Ramesh, First Year, Electronics and Communication Engineering