Placements 101 – #3

Subhadra Gopalakrishnan in conversation with Vijay Madhavan, a student of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering placed at Cypress Semiconductors.

Why don’t we start off this Interview by introducing you to our Readers? Tell us something about yourself.

I’m Vijay Madhavan, final year, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. Well, I’m someone who tries to enjoy what I do. No complaints. I love experimenting and often end up failing. I love to talk. A tech lover too.   

So, where did you get placed?

Cypress Semiconductors. They have some flagship products like Programmable system on chip, DRAM, etc., basically semiconductor stuff.

And did you do any Internships before that?

Yeah. One at TCS, at their Innovation Labs.               

Tell us about it.

They work on all leading, yet to market tech. Robotics, augmented reality, gaming, automated stuff, etc. The part of the innovation Lab I interned at, is the retail division. They work on solutions relating to retail business, like smart stores, automated shelves, etc. I worked on some of those solutions. Robotics, IoT, server side scripting, etc.,

And how did you get this internship?

Through our college. They conducted an online test and an interview.

So when and how did you start preparing for placements?

Not much really. My intern went on till the end of July. And our placements began in August. Initially not many companies allowed E&I students. And by the end of August, I had my offer. I started preps for aptitude. Didn’t do much serious work. And the company that selected me didn’t ask even a single question on aptitude. It was only technical, both the online test and interview.    

How do people usually prepare?

Most of what our Department students prepare is only aptitude. Because, in most of the selection processes, only the first few rounds are difficult. The later ones are comparatively easier. Or atleast less competitive.        

Tell us about your interview at Cypress Semiconductors

My interview at Cypress was more oriented towards electronics. They kind of expected a good knowledge of almost every electronics subject we study. And some application oriented questions too. Which you can answer only when you work with something.     

 How was the interview experience? Nerve-racking?

I had three face to face interviews. First one had me speaking the most. It was very technical. Second one, a hardcore technical interview. I didn’t know a thing. Almost lost all hope. I was only trying to belittle what they were asking, with stuff that I had some confidence on. The third one had three people before me. It was rapid fire. One of them was testing my thinking skills, another knowledge and the other, soft skills. But third one went on well for me. So it was kinda fun!      

Any advice for your juniors?

It’s all a big game of luck. Far more than your skills, it’s only your patience that is put to test. If somebody is very keen to get into some specific domain, then a preparation of a few months before placement may not be enough.