The December Carnage

Looking out from my balcony and watching huge trees sway, I realized that this wasn’t any ordinary cyclone. This one stood out. Vardah is one which will remain in the minds and hearts of all Chennaiites. Trees that provided shelter to us during the sweltering summers, which housed several birds were lying lifeless on the streets. There was havoc everywhere in the city. Telecommunication had taken a huge blow. Cell phone towers to overhead power cables, everything was down on the ground. People from various parts of the city, were sending in pictures of their locality.

One such place was our home-MIT. I may not have been in the college for a long time but long enough to feel the difference. When those pictures came in, I shed a tear. I just couldn’t believe what had happened to our college. It pained to see our college in such a sad state. Then as the cyclone subsided, Chennai limped back to its original state.


A week later, entering college through the back gate, I felt something different. After a few seconds, it hit me that it was the sun shining brightly on my face. That’s when I realized, in the past three months I’d never felt the sun on my face inside the campus. The dense trees protected us from the severe heat. I walk further down towards the hostel gate, and I see a huge tower in front of me. That’s right. It was our MIT Water Tank. Seeing it on Google Maps was the closest I got. So many trees went down that I could see the entire tower right from base to top.

I take a right turn and Boom… I stood there Bamboozled. I was out of words. I had never seen my college in such a sad state. There were so many things that I’d seen for the first time like the roof of The Central Workshop or The Hangar-II board on top. Hardly few trees withstood the force and were reduced to shambles. Even those which did, were lifeless and barren. Not a single green leaf nor a single bird chirping. The beautiful canopy was reduced to few branches. The canopy was certainly one thing which separated our college from others. The count exceeded 100. The ambience the trees gave was worth dying for.

But mother nature stands above all. We stand no chance against her. It’ll surely take another 40-50 years to restore the green cover in MIT. All of us must pitch in, in any way possible to bring back the original state of our college. What is gone is gone, there’s no point cribbing over it. Let us show that nothing can deter us. At least, let the future generations enjoy the atmosphere.

Written by Madhav Ganapathy, a totally unfunny imbecile and a first year student of Aeronautical Engineering.