Placements 101 – #2

Good evening! So, tell us about yourself.

I am Sravanthi from the CSE-S batch, currently in my final year. Technology fascinates me,though I believe that few things are to be left the way they are (ie. few things must be done by humans only and not by machines/robots).

Where did you do your internship? 

I did my internship at PayPal (Chennai)

How was your internship experience?

My internship was for a duration of 2months. I worked on web technology. I hadn’t worked much in web technology before my internship and so I learnt a lot. I was free to use any technology for the problem definition given. It was really enjoyable and I had a lot of fun. It was very nice to get exposed to the corporate culture before becoming a permanent employee. My internship also answered my long pending question, “what should I do next?”.

Where did you get placed?

I am placed at Microsoft.

How did you prepare for placements?

I prepared a lot from GeeksforGeeks and other competitive coding websites. I looked through the interview experiences and got a picture of how the interviews would be held. And also from other miscellaneous sites to read about the basic concepts.

What was the key thing that helped you with placements?

In my opinion, a long term preparation is what helped me get placed. Though I prepared extensively for nearly a month, I used to read and code a lot in my previous semesters. Every time I see a new question, I would try to crack it on my own before seeing the solution which improved my ability to solve new questions. In fact, I did not get a single question in my interview that I had come across.


Could you describe your placement process?

I had 4 rounds, out of which the first one was the online coding round and the other 3 were technical interviews. Around 25 students were shortlisted after the 1st round. The first 2 interviews were technical rounds. The interviewers were normal (neither very friendly nor hostile). The last round was a technical+HR round where I was given a design question and had to come up with various solutions with reasoning.


So, how did you deal with nerves?

To be frank, I was nervous during the interviews though I was well prepared for them. But I kept telling myself that this was not the end that calmed me down a little.


What advice would you give the juniors?

It is always better to practice a lot of problems instead of reading the solutions. Try to solve it on your own before seeing the answers. Always keep your cool. Don’t get discouraged easily. There are a lot of companies coming to our college and everyone who prepares would get placed.


Sravanthi’s Microsoft interview experience is available in detail here : GeeksForGeeks Microsoft Interview Experience (On Campus for IDC)  

Sravanthi Ashokkumar is a technology enthusiast and a final year Computer Technology student.