The License Day

It was about 10 minutes past midnight. Although my eyes were weary,I could not force myself to sleep. Not knowing what to do , I walked up to the living room and switched on the TV. After switching through the channels once , I eventually found a Tamil dubbed Jackie Chan movie(that I have watched millions of times)  and settled with it. Minutes glided away and I felt the nervousness in me grow. I helped myself to some water and chocolates. My father stepped into the scene , his eyes rested on the chocolates. After having taunted me for a while ,he joined me on the sofa.



At about 1 a.m ,my dad, pleaded me to go to bed. However, after some time,he shouted at me saying “Nalaiku vegama kalambanum…poi thoongu” [We will have to leave early tomorrow …So go to bed right now] .After a few arguments, having lost almost all, I walked towards my room saying,”Nalaiku illa iniku” [It’s not tomorrow,but today!]. Feeling good about mocking my dad,I finally dozed off.


The morning was not usual. I woke up not to the chirping of the birds but to the shouts of my mom. I was like,”What now? Can I not get some peace at this house? Its after all my holidays mom!”.She did not  answer back ,instead she switched off the AC ,turned on the lights and left the room. I drowsily walked to the door and was startled to find out that only 30 minutes were left!. ”Oh no! I am gonna screw this ”,I thought to myself. After a quick shower,I changed into a comfortable outfit and went up to the dining table. While I was sipping the hot , strong coffee that my granny just gave,my father banged the door and instructed me (was more of an order) to take the required papers and follow him. I got butterflies in my stomach! Having checked the papers many times before, I turned towards my mom  and granny to bid them bye. The ladies stood there,grinning ear to ear,showing thumbs-up in the air. I shook  my head and left with my father.


The Pulsar 220 that had been my love all these days(and still is),suddenly scared me to death.After a few miles,my dad asked me to take on the drive,for he would accompany me at the back  seat. Although we  had done this several times before,I was in no mood to drive today.Without further arguments, I carried on from there. I could feel the wind hitting hard on my face.Having sensed the restlessness in me,my dad soothed me saying,”Everything will be fine.Don’t be tensed. You will rock today!”. I forced a fake smile and we together walked into the office.  A guy(who seemed very tensed  as well) directed us to the “spot”.


It was about 10 minutes to 11 a.m,which meant I had 600 seconds.I decided not to waste them and practiced thrice.”Thank God!”,things went on well,all I prayed for was some good luck which I had never had before.Minutes later,I was called in to join the queue,that seemed quite small!.My father wished me luck and disappeared with that “guy”.I kept staring at the “spot”,when the officials yelled my name with the worst pronunciation they could probably muster.



I stepped up and found  that “guy” near the officials.When asked to go ahead,I got to the track  and had my ”8” traced successfully. Once done,I drove towards my dad grinning hard and this time it was from my heart.I could feel that all eyes around me were resting  on my bike,for it is not common in a town like mine,to see girls riding gear bikes.I  ignored  them,and joined my dad.We headed straight to the office and I could feel the pride and happiness in my dad’s eyes.I laughed to myself.


After a few minutes of waiting,I was called in for a picture.I posed joyously,gave my signature and came back.Once all the procedures were done,we walked back towards the bike.And this time I myself grabbed the keys from my dad and we drove home.I was on cloud nine, as I had my license as well as a new bike now!


Why should boys have all the fun? 

Written by Dharshna Mala B, a sports-bike fanatic and a second year student of Computer Technology.