Chennai 600028 – II Innings – Review

As someone who lives in Chennai 600004(for starters, Chennai 600028 Mandaiveli and Chennai 600004 Mylapore are like bread and butter), the first installment of the series was extremely special. It brought out every single sentiment that is associated with being a guy in these parts. Playing tennis ball cricket all day at St.Marys Ground, night outs at fastfood outlets and what not. It was like watching my own life on screen.

When the sequel for the cult 2007 movie was announced, I was impassioned. I had to lay my hands on the tickets first day no matter what. And boy it happened!


The movie starts off with the narrator explaining what all happened after the 2007 tournament. Married, 9-6 day jobs, responsibilities and a family . The boys of Mandaveli have inevitably fallen into the pit of normal life. Some have left town for their livelihoods, while others are slogging in Chennai to satisfy their family’s needs. Sadly, the director couldn’t afford a wife/girlfriend for Premgi even in this script.

Raghu(Jai)’s marriage is fixed at Theni, and the boys of Mandaveli leave for the town along with their families to attend the wedding. They chance upon their estranged friend Aravind, who had fled Chennai a few years ago.  The ‘reunion’ is disrupted by Marudhupandi (Vaibhav), the local thug-cum-landlord-cum-cricket captain, who wants Aravind’s team to lose against his “Jeipom Da” team in the ongoing cricket tournament. Aravind manages to convince the legendary Sharks team to play again for his team against Marudhupandi, but the thug goes to the extent of disrupting Raghu’s marriage in order to force a meek submission from them. How Raghu reunites with his love, and how they extract revenge on Marudhupandi forms the rest of the story.

Venkat Prabhu weaves his magic throughout the movie, bringing the very best out of the now seasoned actors. He scripts their roles with point precision, giving them adequate screen time and comfortable backdrops. Shiva’s Youtube antics, Premgi’s uncharacteristic dialogues(Finally, a director understands that “Evalavo Pannitom, Idha Panna Maatoma and Enna Koduma Sir Idhu” are outdated, Kudos!) and contemporary trolls(The Demonetization issue, Panda Prashanth , Vijayakanth Commentary) are sprinkled throughout the movie and blend with the script perfectly. Jai has a more serious characterization, and he does justice to his role. Vaibhav swaggers around the screen, and the out-of-the-world BGM that he’s blessed with adds more charisma to it.  We have cameo roles from Gangai Amaran and the accalaimed Badava Gopi(in a commentary role yet again), and they all carry the film on their shoulders.


Yuvan Shankar Raja deserves a huge round of applause for the music, giving Vaibhav one of THE best background scores to have ever been produced in Kollywood. The songs lighten and tighten the mood as and when required, with SoppanaSundari being a chartbuster. The cinematography and editing are crisp and impeccable.

Overall, the team has relived the Chennai 600028 magic yet again, this team with a much more matured script and approach. It could very well be one of the finest sequels that have ever come out in Tinseltown , doing immense justice to the first installment and also by not being a carbon-copy.

Take your squad out to the movie, sit back , and watch the celebration of friendship unfold all over the screen. 

Reviewed by Akshay Venkataramani a self-proclaimed ‘pucca’ street cricket boy, and a second year student of Computer Science and Engineering.