The One with the Happyness

Every day at school went by without us knowing that, we were making memories that will live on forever in our hearts. Each day unfolded a new mystery. As I look back, all I can see is happy, young, innocent me laughing over silly things with a bunch of silly people. All those years of innocent happiness are gone and there is no going back. Like every other kid, I always wanted to finish school as soon as possible and be done with it. Oh, how stupid I was! Wearing the pants high up on the bellybutton, collar buttoned up, neck tie worn perfectly, with a well groomed hair; I used to have all the attributes of a first bencher then.


This part of my life is called “happyness”:

As far as my memory helps, I spent most of my school days playing games and chatting with friends. Coming from a very strict school (people often call it prison), we were not allowed play on the ground mostly. So that leaves us with our only choice: Classroom. Besides having the fear of getting caught, the classroom games are overwhelming! We used to play a lot of games back then like paper ball cricket, football, chalk piece fight, pen fight, water wars… I can go on and on. We always had a person by the door (like a gatekeeper) to give us a heads up if the teacher came. There used to be a big setup for playing cricket then. Bags piled up, benches moved to the corner, stumps drawn on the wall, people chanting names, lights turned on; classroom was indeed a great cricket stadium! And what more than a writing pad for the bat? During chalk piece fights, the whole classroom would turn into a mess! Chalk bits flying all around, few jumping from one bench to the other, others defending themselves with their bags, but when the teacher comes, the gatekeeper would run yelling “She is coming!” and within seconds, everything gets back to normal and none says a word. Leaving behind the games, chatting is my favorite part of school life. Even now when I think about the conversations that we used to have, I find them weirdly amazing. And the things we talk about have no constraints. Beginning from the new movies that hit the screens recently to the Higgs boson particle, we discuss about everything there is. Another thing that I miss the most about school is that, there used to be a special kind of relationship between us and the teachers which I think will never exist with the teachers from college. Though a bit irritating, the teachers’ not-so-funny jokes and PT sirs’ insanely funny English are kind of enjoyable.





Snap back to reality:

We often used to talk about the last day of school and how much fun it is going to be after school. I still remember the last day of school like yesterday. As I finished the exam 10 minutes early, I had to sit there tight untill the final bell rang. Oh god, It was the longest 10 minutes of my life. I never took my eyes off the watch. Once the bell rang, I rushed out of the exam hall like a bird coming out of its cage, grinning ear to ear, tossing question paper in the air, shouting “Freeeedom!” as loud as I could, punching in the air as if I had achieved something big. I felt the ants-in-my-pants kind of excitement.





We all were so high off the drug called happiness that we did not even realise, the most precious part of our lives was over.  The next morning, I got up. “What now?” I asked myself. And the reality hit me hard in the face with the fact that, I can never sit on those long creaky benches, have silly fights with my friends, stare at my crush or wear that ugly faded uniform ever again. In the blink of an eye, everything that I had imagined about life after school shattered into pieces. Only then I realized I was living in a bubble this whole time.  But, I told myself “Everything is going to be fine.” even though I knew in the back of my head that things will never be the same again.


On the day we went to school for one last time to collect our mark sheets, we all made promises that we would always stay in touch and meet every weekend. We even created WhatsApp groups for our classes. At the beginning, it used to remain abuzz even till 3 AM. But then, College began and the messages gradually stopped coming and eventually the group became quiet as a mouse. Yet all that I could do is look up to the sky and hope that our friendship doesn’t fade in time. Perhaps, not everything is really in our hands, is it? As always, we were late to understand that meeting every weekend can only happen in dreams. Though we meet rarely, we didn’t lose touch after all. I can feel the same bond between us even now. My friends, they seem to have the knack of reminiscing those good old days whenever I meet them. Over the years, the vividness of life may have vanished. But, come may what; those golden memories of school will never vanish from our hearts.


Authored by Yuvaraj Selvam, a perennial sitcom binge-watcher and a second year student of Electronics and Communication Engineering.