FIVE: A Number, Numeral and Glyph

By Nikhil Kanakamedala





Location: 1st floor, Canteen building.
Timings: Thursdays, 3pm to 6pm
Website: (This website offers a lot of information!)




A Museum inside a college? Well yeah we have it! MIT Museum portrays the pride of MIT through its displays, wall hangings, photos, videos, models, etc. The MIT Museum was founded by the 2007 batch on March 2011. It offers its visitors a plethora of information about the various developments of MIT from its inception. A team comprising of students from various departments headed by a faculty member has been working hard in gathering information and maintaining this unique place. MIT, Chrompet and MIT, Boston were considered sister institutions. Great, isn’t it! What happened after? Visit the museum to know more.



Location: Opposite Hangar-1 (Well, you can see the board!)
Timings: 24×7 (Though I wouldn’t recommend you to go at night)




A small rectangular area studded with not studs but pebbles. Duh me! Let me tell you more. Research says that walking on such tracks lowers your blood pressure. It keeps your heart fit. I tried walking there last week and boy did it hurt! I felt uncomfortable at first but soon I felt pressure at various parts of my sole. I felt relieved. Then like any other goddamned nerd, I came home and asked my sweetheart, Google. She led me to reflexology.



Location: Left of C.T Dept.
Timings: 24×7



This research centre named after honorable alumnus Dr. K.B. Chandrashekar, Chairman and co-founder of Exodus communications is a centre of advanced and sophisticated infrastructure in the fields of Bio-Technology, Bio-Informatics, Computational Linguistics [NLP], FOSS, Wireless Communication. I’m not sure whether one is allowed in there but I visited it anyway. I took a bottle with me and planned to tell that I had come for water, if questioned (Silly me!). I was in the first floor when I bumped into this lady. She was covered from head to toe like a surgeon. She blinked and I blinked back. People who were looking into microscopes were now looking at me. I filled my bottle and fled from there. Phew, that was close! Well, at least I got some chill water.



Location: Across pebbles track.
Timings: 24×7



Like the Kabir lane of Malgudi, Herbal garden is a place that you’d never find if you were looking for it. But if you visit pebbles track and move inadvertently across from there, voila! You’re at herbal garden. Maintained by the YRC-MIT, it is home to various herbal plants such as Aloe vera, Neem, Tulasi, Turmeric and many more. Every semester YRC members take up to clean the garden completely. They also water the plants once in a while. Want to enjoy the beauty of nature and breathe some fresh air – Only one place you can get it!



Location: Opposite bhavani hostel (Girls’ hostel side)
Timings: Monday to Friday 5.30pm onwards

For all those who got bored of reading technical books and wondering where one could get a novel or a magazine, PDA library is the place to go. Located inside the hostel, it is a small hut maintained by the PDA Association and is house to hundreds of novels, magazines, nonfiction works etc. From Sujatha to Chetan Bhagat, Shakespeare to George Martin, you can get them all here.

Nikhil is an Instrumentation undergrad who is very much passionate in Engineering. Cricket followed by Pani puri is his favourite pass time. He is an avid reader and a small time writer.


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