L for?

L for…

Is this a discovery or an invention? I have no idea, But one thing is for sure, this is probably the most important thing humanity has ever come across. Maybe all living things for that matter. Without this the world wouldn’t be spinning, well not literally, but more or less it would feel so. Everyone would feel isolated, all alone in the crowded world. Who knows, maybe the world wouldn’t be so crowded if it wasn’t for this. For all ages, maybe not for sages this is a kind of an undeniable inseparable attribute that is impossible to live without. You probably guessed what I’m talking about here, but I doubt you did. It is language I’m talking about.

It doesn’t matter if you are deaf or dumb. There’s always a way to connect your heart and mine. The way of language isn’t limited to speech and writing, it is we who are limiting it to only a few ways. All that one loses in life, all that she earns, the way she survives, her smile,  her sorrow , everything comes down to how she communicates. Imagine a world where language ceases to exist, well you can’t.

I’m not going to tell how it started or how it evolved for I have no idea, but what I will do, is try to describe how special it is. The day you were born, your mother smiled when you first cried, that is when she vowed to herself to never let you cry again. Her smile expresses so many feelings, her desire, her hope, her happiness. One may argue, this is an emotion and has nothing to do with language. True, but without the help of Mrs. “L”, it would have taken us all the time the universe has to offer to understand it. To understand and express what our heart has to offer, languages are the only way. The first words from a tiny tot’s lips will be carved into the memories of her parents. As she grows, all that she learns, her experiences, felicities, despairs, regrets and achievements will be stitched in her memory in the form of a fusion of feelings, pictures and words.

Is this all that language has to offer? Dance, music, art, love, laughter, the dimple on your cheek, the sweat on your forehead, the tears from your eyes, the innocent smile which pops when you are immersed in thoughts, everything that expresses your true feelings is a part of language.

What we speak and write is but a hair in the body of an oxen when compared to the vast ocean of information that language has to offer. What you need is right before your eyes or maybe ringing in your ears. So can you decipher that language, which wishes to tell you all that you ought to, want to and need to know? That is the language of life, which connects every soul in the universe, that which is eternal and invincible.


Soundar Rajan is an ardent writer, and a II year student from the Automobile Department.