An Imagination

The calendar showed that it was the first day of the last month of the year. I felt like the calendar was asking me “What have you been doing all these days, loser?”




“You’ve been wasting 11 months” my inner voice smacked me.

“I must do something to match up” I said to myself.

“You’ve become mad” my mom said in a brisk voice.

Drowned in thoughts, I forgot to notice that she had been looking at me for the past two minutes.

“Nothing! Just random thoughts..” I said in a low voice.

“Thoughts? For you?” she chuckled.

“Yes,thoughts so powerful that I couldn’t even hear my own mom!”   I said with a sarcastic smile.

“I understand those thoughts” she said, reflecting the sarcastic smile that I gave her moments back.

“Girl?”, she asked.

“Won’t a guy ever think about anything else?”

“I saw your chat list yesterday “she said with a crisp voice as if she had cornered a world class terrorist with valid evidence.

“It’s not the girl this time” I said with a smile.


“My career” I said in a professional voice.

“You’ve to become a man to think about your career!” she giggled again.

I tried to make a serious face.

“So,whats wrong with your career? You’re in MIT, you’ll be in some company in two years”

“That’s not what I study for ” I said in a hustled voice.


“Passion” I said.

“Passion for? Writing? “she asked though she knew the answer.


“Yeah, and I don’t get real chances”.

“You’ve missed too many chances” she said.

“Yeah. Because I was busy with those bloody exams”.

“Bloody exams?” she asked in a strict voice.

“Yeah. Because I never learnt anything out of them”.

“That’s because of your lack of concentration in studies.”

“Maybe  but that’s not the point now “I said , defending myself.

“I want to do something so that I won’t feel that I have wasted the whole of 2016 ” I said in a more stubborn voice.

“Attend an In-plant Training. You’ll learn a lot”.

“Mom, but that’s not what I wish to do in my vacation.”

“Try MIT QUILL”she said.

“QUILL ? How do you know about it ? ” I asked her in a serious tone.

“Yeah! You know they got a new logo! “.

“Oh….how do you know that?” I asked as I managed to recollect the new logo that I saw in my Facebook news feed a week ago.

“I visit their website frequently. Your college guys do a great job”.

I felt low. “I haven’t visited the website”, I said to myself and took out my laptop and visited the site.

The logo was good and I had a sudden affection towards the articles over there that I started reading all of them. I finished reading all the articles and it was 8.00 pm.

“I’ll try my hand at Quill!” I said as I pumped my fist in the air.

My mom patted my shoulder, like always.



Colourful Nails

“But I am not good at words” I said almost in a feeble voice.

“So what, Even Shakespeare was not good at words when he started off!” , she said in a encouraging tone.

I thought for a while and said “Okay.. I’ll do it”.

I was filled with thoughts on what to write.

“Stories? Essays? Poems?”

My mom guessed my thoughts and said “Try conversations.. Young people like it”

“Conversations? Between who?”

“You and that girl ” she said and smirked.

“That’s not what MIT boys would want to read. Everyone has their own conversation” I said.

“Then try something new, something motivational..”

“Motivational? They might end up boring! ”

“So what? Try it out. It’s a college magazine and you’ll get frank comments”

“But Quill has its own fame and I shouldn’t destroy that! ”

“C’mon!…what if they find you interesting?”

“They can’t and they won’t. They have star writers”.

“You’ll become a star writer soon “she said tapping my shoulder.

“Maybe , but maybe that is too much to ask for! ” I said and tried to keep my face as serious as possible.

My mind thought that I was going to end this year in the best possible way.

“Your writing is going to be in Quill!” my inner voice said as it punched my heart. My heart felt light for the first time and I wrote down the title.

“AN IMAGINATION” and started to write down an imaginative conversation between me and my mother.

“You okay?” The staff asked.

“Yeah. I’m alright. ” I said as I took out my pen from my pocket.

I was sitting in the examination hall for a second attempt on Engineering graphics.

I looked at my watch and I said to myself in a serious tone “You’ve wasted 30 mins of your exam “.

I looked down to read the question. The question started as

Imagine a plane 30mm above HP and 45 mm below VP………

My inner voice asked me in a low voice “Should imaginations be limited to HP and VP?”

Unable to answer my inner voice I took out the scale from my pocket to answer the questions from the question paper.


Subhramaniyan is a second year Automobile Engineering student, passionate writer, and Quill’s latest find!

From the editor’s desk: 

We do hope this impromptu article inspires more people from our college to come out of the closet and uncover their latent talents!