Pride and Solitude

Glory is bestowed upon the one who excels, the one who stands on top of the pyramid in that field. All those who wish to get to that place are inspired by the ones on top. People look up to them, idolize and worship them. But what happens to those on top? What do they do?




They strive to become better. That they redefine their limits, and they take it to a whole new dimension.. However, the moment they realize they are on top, some start to slack off. I’m not trying to point out their mistakes rather I’m trying to bring out how they feel. This is how it starts. The moment they reach the so called ‘top’, they have this sense of pride that makes them admire their accomplishments.


That sense of pride is pretty dangerous, which I’ll talk about later. Initially they do try to outdo themselves but they lack motivation. They don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel as they did before for they become the light themselves.


At the peak, you are noticed, observed, recorded and compared. Anything and everything you do and did in the past matters. The world that we live in is cruel. You can’t be happy for a word of praise for the same mouth will utterly destroy you when you get one step wrong.


You become a little lonely when you are on the top. Whom to trust, whom not to, you have not a clue. Making true friends, there will always be chances but to meet with those is a miracle. Your privacy will be affected and will begin to leech away a piece of your mind.




People expect you to do only good and noble things. It won’t be about who you are but how you are portrayed. What is the point of being on top only to end up being a puppet that pleases the society. This is one of the first bindings of being on top.


Pride.. It’s basic human tendency. To feel proud makes us happy but also arrogant and ignorant even if it’s only by a small degree.


Pride is a preposterous, it’s a devil in disguise. Pride makes us picky, being so isn’t wrong, but sometimes it narrows your focus down to the point of only you or what you do. That will demark the start of your demise.

Pride will pollute your principles. It will make you ignore simple solutions, giving way for ego to take over. Pride should be a initiator and sustainer of hope which keeps us from falling apart in dire situations.

Though I did start by addressing the so called ‘top people’, the word ‘top’ is relative and just a reference. Anyone who thinks they have achieved something that evokes pomposity will face a few many of what I said at some point of time to some degree.

I believe you must be your first and most feared critic. Note and analyze everything, find faults and improve independently. Be careful and be yourself. One may find this contradictory because it’s easy to lose yourself in the process of progress.


The important thing is to know when to stop, and even more to stop at that time. You must understand not everything in life can be measured. The person who you are can’t be put in numbers and words. To gain one must lose. The world is full of unfair exchanges, so prioritize. Never ever weep for losing something that wasn’t yours to being with. It’s not what the world sees in you but how you see the world that matters. Not about who you are in this world, but who(what) the world is for you.

Soundar Rajan is an ardent writer, great pep talker(His friends vouch for that!) and a second Year student of Automobile Engineering.