Kadavul Irkaan Kumaru – Review

“Machan, edhavadhu padam polaama da?” “Polaam da! GV oda Kadavul Irkaan Kumaru iniki release aairku da.” [Translation: “Bro, shall we go for some movie?” “Sure bro, GV’s Kadavul Irkaan Kumaru has released today, lets watch that.” ]

Trust me. This had to be the worst decision ever. We decided to shell out 120 bucks for a movie that wasn’t even worth one-tenth of it.



Well, to be honest, this review might contain a few spoilers. But fear not, the movie is already spoilt enough.

The movie begins with our terribly wannabe hero Kumaru(G V Prakash Kumar) fighting with his fiancée Priya(Nikki Galraani) about receiving bouquets, texts and calls from his ex-girlfriend Nancy(Anandhi) two days before their marriage. Soon, Kumaru and Balaji (RJ Balaji) take off to Pondicherry, the haven for drunkards, for their ‘bachelor party’(Yeah, two people in a bachelor party, stop smirking, its Kollywood yo!).

Just when you think this is taking a Hangoverish turn, NOPE. You have an extremely lame song, some unrelated Ajith-Vijay references, and SHOOT! Flashback time. We are introduced to teen Kumaru and teen Nancy, with Kumaru hopelessly in love with Nancy. We have the usual song where the hero shadows the heroine wherever she goes, the scene where the heroine publicly embarrasses the hero, and a few more Ajith-Vijay references(Quick note, upcoming directors! If you want your audience to clap and whistle for your scenes, simply insert such references). Till this point, the heroine hates the hero. But the Rajesh touch was inevitable. Nancy realizes that Kumaru was her childhood friend and lo! They fall in love. We have the hero- heroine’s father confrontation, the hero-hero’s friend-heroine-heroine’s father confrontation (parodying the famous Solvadhellam Unmai show), and ultimately, they break-up because of religious differences.



Cutting back to present time, the “party” is over. Balaji and Kumaru are driving back home the next morning. Enter few more comedians( It’s a rom-com, and the Kollywood formula for such movies is to have every affordable comedian on-board. To hell with the script! Who needs all that man?), Singam Puli and Robo Shankar as police-officers. They arrest the duo for smuggling liquor from Pondy into Tamilnadu. We have MoneyMaaran (Prakash Raj) as the superior officer, swaggering around and demanding a bribe from Kumaru. How they escape the police officers and reach Chennai in time for Kumaru’s marriage forms the plot. We even have an interval block that translates to ‘If they escape the police and reach Chennai somehow, Kadavul irkaan Kumaru!’.

We have many Rajesh-ique touches throughout the movie. We have a scene where MoneyMaaran defends the Beep Song and threatens Kumaru and Balaji that he’d frame them for composing a Beep-like song if they don’t pay his bribe. Stop scratching your head and fasten your seat belt already. We have Motta Rajendran as a church father who’s taken over by his ex-lover’s soul when they all enter a haunted bungalow (What?). We have few more Ajith- Vijay references(Phew.)  We have Robo Shankar, Singam Puli and Prakash Raj dancing in the middle of a barren land (Err…. ). We are told that Nancy and Kumaru broke up in the first place for the sake of TRP Ratings of the Pesuvedhallam Unmai show(the parody of Solvadhellam Unmai). We have a… Okay I’ll stop here. There are just too many.


GV Prakash has probably hit the lowest point in his career with this movie. His acting skills were close to zero, and none of the songs were even worth listening to. Nikki Galraani doesn’t even get much screen time, while the heavily powdered Anandhi repeatedly fails in trying to express the character’s emotions. RJ Balaji was the only savior in the movie, with his gimmicks faintly tickling our slumbering funny bone. Prakash Raj did justice to his characterization, but sometimes, he overacts as well. Robo Shankar, Singam Puli and Motta Rajendran are given embarrassing roles and god knows why they even took them up.
Overall, Kadavul Irkaan Kumaru is a movie that  is not even worth downloading.

Akshay Venkat is currently a staunch critic of GV Prakash Kumar’s acting, and a II year Student of Computer Technology.