A Special Celebration – Rotofest 2016

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”
-Christopher Reeves
Rotofest 2016 is an annual event conducted by The Rotaract Club of MIT, celebrating the talents of differently abled children. This year, it took place on Saturday, the 22nd of October, 2016.
Many special children from schools and homes like Anbalaya, Mary Clubwala, Good Life, Little hearts, MGR Trust participated in Rotofest 2016.
The day started with events like Drawing, Rangoli, Chess and Carrom,after which the students were provided with refreshments.
The technical skill and creativity of students were tested in events like Puzzle solving, Quiz ,Clay Modelling, and Paper craft.
To cheer the students up ,fun events like Lemon in the Spoon and Ball in the Bucket were conducted.
Even the literary and oratory skills of the children were encouraged by conducting a variety of events.
Narmatha and Harshitha, two volunteers from II year Computer Technology, said:  “Events like these promote our social mind and are very satisfying. It is a great experience spending time with those children. This fest should continue for years and we would always like to support it. 
The afternoon concentrated mainly on cultural events like Group and Solo Dance, Solo Singing, and Fancy dress. They children even showcased their talents by performing a Mime.
All the students were provided with certificates. Mementos were also presented to the Trusts.



Rotofest 2016 turned out to be a huge success, and the satisfaction of seeing the happy faces gave all the organisers and volunteers immense happiness.


Reported by Muhammad Aslam J, II year Computer Technology 
Photographed by Deva Avinaash, Final Year Production Technology