A tribute to our eleventh ruler

By Fiona Selvan

As you humbly entered
Claps thundered and the hangar awakened
Filled with warmth, I rose to honour
Having cherished the moment not once, but twice

You addressed us “Dear Friends”
Whistles filled the air in response
Quarter of an hour, passed quicker than before
Yet, your vision so clear made us wonder
And your words echoed ” What can I give”
Through my mission for our nation

As you departed, whistles faded
Longing to meet you again
The responsibility you bestowed
Filled the air with determination
How I wished I sat by the aisle
To shake hands with the visionary

Blessed to meet you, I was inspired to write
A little something about you
The alumnus of my department and college
You had the “Wings of Fire”
To learn to fly a plane while you were India’s eleventh ruler
Cherishing your childhood dream

I experienced for the second time
The moment of a lifetime
A unique sense of pride
A unique responsibility
For a unique India soon

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s visit to our college on January 6, 2014.

Fiona likes to experiment with new ideas in her own way and is fascinated by rockets and the solar system. She loves to write and participate in debates and quiz competitions. This poem is a re-entry into her passion after a gap of ten years.

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