Apocalypse 2016

The ECE department completed its share of the odd semester events past week, with Apocalypse getting over by last Saturday. Comprising both technical and non-technical events, it even had two mega events – one more oriented towards technical stardom and the other leaning towards the managerial style.


There were many presentation events such as paper presentation, B plan where the participants build up an imaginary business idea and get to tackle the problems they might encounter, and the apotalks. The participants came forward to speak on a variety of topics – right from sports to science and technology and we got to hear quite a variety of viewpoints.


The technical events were a combination of both ECE related core competitions as well as ones that focussed on coding, to appeal go the CS end of the engineering spectrum. In addition to these, there was also the usual glitz of non-technical events to keep the masses entertained without pulling too much hair. On the whole, it was a welcome time out before the advent of assessments.

Apocalypse has been an interesting lure, in terms of events to look forward to when the even semester kicks in, when EEA will organize its “EFOCUS”, their inter college symposium. Until then, the MIT Quill says “adios and well done”.