Mutex 2016

Mutex 2016, the intra-college symposium of the Information Technology Association (ITA) was organized over the past week. A variety of technical and non-technical events were organized, including lunch time events for those who feel after class events are a chore.


The Various Events Conducted at Mutex

The Online Events conducted included Google Trotter, Photography, Capture the Flag and the Famous Online Programming Contest(OLPC). Conducted on the coding platform Hackerrank, Mutex’s OLPC received more than a hundred submissions, standing testimony to MITians’ enthusiasm for coding.


The Mutex OLPC Leaderboard

There were several On-Site Events conducted such as Coffee with Java, Reverse Coding, Web Designing and Pursuit of Prodigies for the die-hard Computer Nerds. For those not so inclined, general events like Math O’Mania, Quiz, Idea Presentation were conducted. The Mega Event garnered a lot of interest, which tested the participants’ soft skills and aptitude.


Two Heads are better than one- OSPC participants code it out


Participants of Math O’Mania, Pursuit of Prodigies and Bit Coding hard at work

Mutex 6.0 had something to offer for every type of engineer out there. The event has set the bar for the upcoming inter-college symposium, Samhita, organized by the ITA in the following semester. The MIT Quill wishes them all the best.