D for Debate 2016

The D for debate is an intra-college debating competition organised by TBO – The Box Office – the literary and dramatics club of MIT, every year.

This year, the event was conducted for a span of 4 days starting from the 27th of September until the 30th, when the finals and the valedictory function were held.


On 27th, a preliminary aptitude test was conducted which assessed the verbal ability of the participants. There was an overwhelming response with more than 90 participants turning up for the event. The participants who qualified from this round proceeded to the next round, ‘Block and Tackle’, which took place on the 28th. Here, the participants were given several interesting topics, about which they had to present both sides. Some of the topics were “Being proposed to, is better than proposing”, etc.



The quarter final was conducted on the 29th of September and contestants were asked to debate. A sample topic was to compare Indian brands versus Foreign brands.

The winners of the quarterfinals proceeded on to the semi final which was conducted on the same day. The participants received valuable feedback from the judges not only on how to improve their debating skills but also on how to present their points and on improving their body language.


On 30th, the finale of the D for Debate event was held. The theme of the debate for the day was “Olympics”. This day saw a lot of heated debate from the finalists on the topic “Should the youth of the nation be equipped for Olympics “. The judges of the event were Ms. Mathangi, Mrs. Mythili, Mrs. D. Piratheba, Mrs. Lydia, Mr. A.R.S. Jayanth and Mr. Srinivasan. Various points and counterpoints were shot by both the teams in the finale and it was a very engaging debate.





The winners of the D for Debate 2016 were Sam of 3rd year along with Sharan of 1st year who received the prize money of Rs.1.2k. In second place were Shruthi and Sowbarnika, both belonging to the first year, who bagged a cash prize of Rs.800. Madhav of first year bagged the “Best speaker award”, receiving a cash prize of Rs.500. All the winners and participants were congratulated heartily.



On the whole, the event was a huge success and has left the students looking forward to more from The Box Office.

Reported by Asmath M Rafi for The MIT Quill.

Thanks to The Box Office for the photographs.