Ready Set Trigger

“Knowledge, is the mother of all virtue.”

What better people to get that knowledge from, than our beloved final years?

Trigger 2k16, the intra-college technical symposium conducted by the Association of Computer Technologists (ACT), Department of Computer Technology,  came to an end on Sunday, the 25th of September, after two weekends of workshops and events.

20+ onsite events , 5+ online events and 2 workshops were conducted as a part of Trigger 2k16, drawing students from various departments to take part in the journey.



The workshops were a great hit, with trending topics such as Augmented Reality and Android App Development  taught by seniors with extensive experience in these domains.

Pradeepa, a second year student of CT was thrilled with the hands-on AR experience:

“I had always been intrigued by the game Pokémon-go and it’s working, and to be able to learn about its key concept, Augmented reality, was fulfilling and satisfying. In the workshop our seniors had walked us through the basics of AR and also assisted us in creating an app that  used AR. It was a very interesting experience.”




The technical events were reportedly tricky and challenging, with the question setters deciding to bring the best out of the participants. OSPC, Reverse Coding, Bit Magic, Iteratively Recurse, Debugging, Coffee with Java , SQL Scholar and Linux Mate were some of the onsite technical events.






The online events received much patronage, with Euler’s Quest, Connexions, Legend of the Hidden Temple, and the traditional OLPC leaving the enthusiasts wanting for more.


Non-technical onsite events included Dumb C, Inscribed, Gaming, Treasure Hunt, Prestige, Euclid’s Desk and IPL Auction, which were well received.






The famed MEGA event, was the biggest crowd puller. Participants had to undergo several grueling rounds such as Aptitute(Written), Role Play, Adzap and  Interviews to capture the coveted title. Muhammad Aslam  of second year CT was adjudged Mr. Trigger 2k16 , while Asmath Rafi of second year ECE  took home the title of Miss. Trigger 2k16.




Alkondan, the chairman of ACT, left no stone unturned in appreciating his team’s hardwork:

Its been a great experience in organizing Trigger. As I already told, we at Team ACT work together. Our unity is our biggest strength. Thats what gives us the ability to tackle all the problems with ease. Hoping for the same success with Prayatna 17. And I am cent percent sure that Team Act will make it happen”
The grandeur of Trigger 2k16 leaves us all earnestly waiting for Prayatna 2017!


Reported by Akshay Venkat, II year CT

Photographed by Darwin Ennares, II year CT