Because We Do Not Want Enough Time

An Ode to Procrastination

Because we don’t want enough time. Because we don’t want to go by that calculation that this piece of work can be done in this amount of time. We are engineers, we are big on numbers and estimates but we don’t work by them. We want to be Gods. We don’t want those numbers to mean anything. We want so many hours only to begin the entire thing two hours before the deadline. We don’t get work done any other way, any other time. We like living off the edge, that scary but adrenaline pumping rush of uncertainty that we may not end up finishing it, and feeling like Kings and Queens when we do and when we don’t, find ways to wing it through the incompleteness- thrilled, on edge. We want to bend the laws of time. We want one night of wrong and another night of overwork to make that night not count. For that one feeling of manipulating the numbers outside of how we crunched them.

It’s like a drug. Nothing kicks into gear until it is past the reasonable window. But when it does…

Those are the only times we feel like we are alive.


Niveditha is currently in the final year of her B.Tech in Information Technoloy. She requests you not to use this article to justify procrastination(as if you’d listen).