My Placement Story: Part 2


I had planned to make maximum use of my mid-semester vacation. But yeah.

You guessed right – “pullayaar suzhi kuda podala”(I didn’t even start). I just grew

lazier watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and giggling away all day long.

On the first day of college, into the 7 th semester, I entered my classroom with a

heavy sense of guilt but felt a little better when I learnt I had company. Pushing

aside ‘the final year swag’, most of us were anxiously looking forward to the

placement schedule for the month. When it was put up, we were quite

disappointed as E&I students were allowed to attend only a few companies. I

eyed one company that was scheduled for the month end – M/s Thorogood


The company Practo was our very first placement experience and it obviously

was way out of league for anyone other than the core computer students. But

still we decided to attend the process, just to get a feel of it and to snack on

CEG canteen’s popular desserts (at least, I went only for that). Though it’s

frustrating to travel to CEG for every process, mostly it was fun. The Canteen at

CEG is heaven (that’s the second time I’m mentioning it). I, in particular,

thoroughly enjoyed the gulab jamuns served there. Sorry, couldn’t take my

mind off it. I’m trying……

And so, after swiftly completing the first round by filling in the personal

details, reading the question, observing what the others were up to and

clicking the submit button – overall it took 15 minutes for this. I headed

straight to the canteen. I bought two jamuns and one plate idiyappam (both

are my favourites), sat in peace and ate with complete satisfaction as though I

had achieved something great. I then quickly went to the counter and bought 5

more jamuns so that I can take them home, when a couple of ECE students

walked in. I waved and offered them the jamuns to which they said, ”nanga

place aana dhan CEG canteen la sweet sapduvom”. Bad manners, isn’t it? Since

it was the first company we attended, we kicked off the journey with

placement selfies and group pictures! All of us were like,” Inum evlo naal CEG


Oh, and no one got placed in Practo. So, no regrets for concentrating too much

on the canteen part 😉