Women , ladies ,girls . we have seen our fair part of how important they are. They are the backbone for some, the reason to live on, the few rays of hope for others. Quite often we forget who we are for what we want to be. Today, few talk on women as a pain, from their point of view the are the source of source of suffering. For all those people I would like to say something. The journey of life for everyone, is filled with thorns, pits,venom and all that makes you cry like a little baby and we know ultimately there is no light at the end of this tunnel and only death awaits us. Yet we live on, knowing we will suffer weep like a widower and taste the bitterness of solitude at some point of time. Wondered why? It’s because we were born to live. Though life is as deadly and disgusting as it is, there are those moments that make everything worthwhile .When a person(man) can subconsciously understand this, why does he blame women consciously for his pain. The world wouldn’t be as it is without women ,
Think about it , who are you working so hard for ? Who are you trying to impress ?It all comes right down to that one person.

Woman is undoubtedly the best creation of God. Everything she does is beautiful. The smile at the edge of her lips,the care she takes , the expression she makes.. Just so special. The way she worries for trivial things,praying for the well being of those close to her heart, her face after doing a stupid thing, the way she gets angry on us for not paying attention to her or what she says, the ‘I don’t know what to do’ face she has when nothing goes according to the plan, that huge smile she puts on to cheer you up,the way she cries helplessly, the look on her face when she thinks she knows what to do but eventually ends up asking your help and her attitude after you helped her. The tone of her voice when she asks the same question a second time to give you time to rethink your reply. The expression she has when you agree to what she said or just said what she was thinking . The way she acts all childish and cute over an insignificant thing. The way she lectures you when she thinks you are wrong. The pride she takes on her so call psychic ,women instincts. The way she moves around in a hurry, the warmth in her voice while having an evening talk, the choked voice fresh outta crying that just tells you that everything is messed up inside her mind and she needs you. Her stupid scolding that makes you smile like an idiot , that “I’m on top of the world look ” when you personally praise her , though she tries to act all humble. The way she slowly tries to explain a bad news that you already know . The time when she shows her crazy side that you never imagined she had. That moment when she tells you how special you are to her. Those small fights that never mount to nothing. That not so little bit of possessiveness that she has on you and the moments you get caught ogling (slightly sighting). That awesome look she puts on her astonished face when you surprise her, the “I know you know” look , “I told you so” “you should have listened to me” jesters , those OMG moments. The list goes on and on..

Yet all these go into the ocean or rather precisely become the source of pain . For some all these are no more while others are bored . So men continue in what they do the best , transfer responsibilities. They fail to acknowledge that they are the center of everything that happens to them, good or bad, pain or bliss, it doesn’t belong to you unless you put your hand in it. Basically few many men don’t like responsibilities, they just want to live , be happy at the moment, tomorrow’s problem will be solved tomorrow. Some say tomorrow never comes. Well there’s always a tomorrow, the problem is there’s also a day after that.

Women live in the past present and in the future all at the same time. It may look funny, they may make a fool out of themselves, but at the end of the  day, when they get their rhythm going, there’s no stopping them. Women are the personification of many things like care, kindness, sacrifice. Men are not incapable of these attributes, they just shy away from these. When one builds castles in the air, the other is picking up the necessary bricks to build one. Men won’t be men if women were absent . The same goes for women.
Though they may seem or try to show that are a class apart , they , deep inside depend on men on an emotional level. Not that it’s wrong, it’s just the way it is. When a woman asks” I have done so much for you , why aren’t you doing this for me?” in her mind, man replies “I never asked you to do this in the  first place”. Not all men are quick to mature on a qualitative level as they do on a quantitative level. They rather focus on ‘how do you do?’ rather than ‘how do you feel’ because they believe in what they see and are a little insensitive. They are better off  when things are told straight to the face . With an instruction manual they can win the world , without one , it’s hard to imagine. At least for most men. Women in the other hand are sensitive , more than a few if not all. They think and care for others and about what others think , but on this road they lose themselves. They over think a simple aspect and enter into an infinite loop of questions. They dedicate themselves to work for which they are not given a single word of appreciation . They settle for far less than they are worth, because the aren’t aware of it. Only in their absence is their worth seen, like a moonless dark sky. The lack of understanding between men and women is not as big as the ocean , but the distance between the two faces of the same coin, however it takes a miracle to make them meet. At present it may seem male are dominating and female are holding their ground fighting for their rights, and the other way around where woman holds the upper hand, but one has to understand that it doesn’t matter who is on top and who is not for both are necessary. If both are dominant, it results in chaos , both submissive there will be no progress. Opposite poles attract. But both poles must acknowledge that without the other, life is meaningless. This equilibrium that governs the world is to be maintained for what seems good today, may turn out bad tomorrow and different the day after. So live the day, be truthful to who you are and what you do for it is the only thing that lives on after you die.

Written by Soundar Rajan T.S