Thala – Thalapathy !

By Rajarajan Velumani

This has been doing the rounds since a certain double-meaning comedian quoted it. Now it has come to limelight again, now that both their films have released on the same day and WWW has become WWE ring since the release, quoting the collections and celebrations from theatres all around is the new way of fighting.

To quote GVM here – Who is Thala? Who is Thalapathy?

Which we are all well aware. So I stick to the reviewing part alone.

Dr.Vijay’s Jilla – The name itself throws up a packet full of shakthi masala and the movie lives up to the name jillaby providing all the elements necessary for a commercial entertainer. The father-son duo of complete actor Mohanlal and incomplete actor Vijay, together destroy the theeya sakthi, yes the same plot that has been doing rounds in Tamil cinema for the past 45678 years approximately. What is the new aspect then? To be frank, nothing is new in the film that you can watch out for except for the fact that you could visualize a common man directly appointed as an Assistant Commissioner and he moves around in the uniform with a French – Virumandi Kamal inspired beard. But the film has all the aspects for his fans to go to theatres and shout their heart out and also for regular cinema freaks who have risked their life by watching films like Twilight. This is the 11th time Vijay is acting in such a masala movie, it’s a serious request from his fans that he better changes his masala brand soon before the films become awful to consume.

On the scale of: 1 to Sura – Jilla stands at 3

Ajith’s Veeram – After a long time you see Thala in a vesthi-clad avatar and you notice that it is exactly ten years since Attagasam. This film too, matches the same masala level of Jilla . Guess both the stalwarts are using the same masala brand. But Vijay has been doing it for the past ten years, Ajith for the second time in the last decade. Group of five brothers known for their atrocities change their character for a family and again resort to dishum-dishum to save the family. Certain scenes showcase the mass of actor. Certain sentimental dialogues and duets spoil the flow of the film. But Ajith has single headedly carried the film and he is indeed a treat to watch. The same double-meaning comedian is back to his best in this film which makes it an awesome entertainer if you are a fan of 1980-1995 period Tamil movies. Imagine a story on the scales of Muratukaalai with Ajith instead of Thalaivar and that is Veeram for you. Ajith is bold enough to act without a hair dye but he appears too old in romantic sequences with Tamanaah. Hope Ajith stops with this and resorts back to his script oriented roles which he is famous for.

On the scale of: 1 to Annamalai – Veeram stands at 3

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