Naveen expresses his views on a few hotly debated issues.


For the past few days the moment we open the newspaper like THE TIMES OF INDIA the thing we find on the cover page is an advertisement 😛 Okay, jokes apart. For the past few weeks, there are 2 topics trending in our country. First is the JNU issue and the next is the martyred soldiers in Siachen. These two issues seem to have no connection with each other. Both are totally different incidents but I personally do find a big connection between both of them. Let’s go in detail.

First the JNU issue. For those who don’t know JNU refers to Jawaharlal Nehru College situated in Delhi. It’s a government aided college. So what really happened here is the big question. On February 9th a meeting was called by ex-members of Democratic Students Union to oppose the public hanging of Afzal Guru and also discussion on ‘The struggle of Kashmiri people for their democratic rights of self determination’. We live in a democratic country and its totally fine to hold such discussions. But first who is Afzal Guru? Afzal Guru belonged to the Jaish-e-Mohammed an Islamist terrorist group in Kashmir and Afzal guru was the man behind the 2001 Indian Parliament Attacks which led to the death of 9 people including 5 policemen. Afzal Guru was convicted by the Supreme Court guilty for being involved in these attacks with proper evidence and was hanged in 2013 in Tihar Jail secretly.

Now what irked this student organisation was of his uninformed hanging and some even said that he wasn’t a convict rather a martyr!Great but all this without proper evidence. These students even shouted slogans like “Bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi” (We will fight until we destroy India) and “India go back” and also “Yeh Kashmir humara hai saara ka saara”(The Kashmir is fully ours and we demand independence) and many other anti national slogans supporting the Great Afzal Guru. Do you think all this was really required after its been 3 years since he was hanged after the approval of the Supreme Court? Is the Kashmir issue an unimportant discussion? These students hold the passport of India, study at the college under subsidies provided by the tax-payers of the country and want to divide the country? Destroy the country? And when we question these illogical people the first thing they speak out is FREEDOM OF SPEECH. There’s a limit to everything even for FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

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Now on to the second incident. What happened in Siachen? Where does Siachen come? The Siachen Glacier is located in the Himalayas Region where the Line Of Control of India and Pakistan ends. It is often regarded as the highest battlefield in the world. A group of soldiers usually protect our country in this area where the temperature during the winter season usually dips to around -50 degrees. Which is believe me enough to cause death to any normal individual. But our real heroes the Indian Army are deployed there for 6 months after a rigorous training. On February 3rd 2016, 10 brave hearts belonging to the Indian Army were buried alive by an avalanche that hit the army post in Siachen. After continuous searching and high level rescue operations 1 of the 10 soldiers was found alive even after being stuck for 6 days under 30 feet of snow. Even after high level treatment he passed away along with the 9 other soldiers. They never complained for being given such a difficult task of getting posted at Siachen. No proper food, freezing temperature with no account of day or night. Being paid with the salary which every other government official gets they chose to do this task and unfortunately Lance Naik Hanumanthappa and other 9 soldiers martyred doing their job of protecting our country.

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But I really don’t feel these soldiers are martyrs because according to few terrorists like Afzal Guru whose main aim was to divide our country was a martyr. The certain contrast in our country by the way we think is seen by the recently happened few incidents. A few X,Y,Z… students sitting in the JNU campus shout anti-national slogans in the name of FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION and all of us pay attention to all these publicity stunts where media in our country feel the JNU incident is more important than covering the other important issues like the Siachen incident. Let’s stop giving attention to stupid people like in the JNU and be proud of our real Marvel superheroes THE INDIAN ARMY, NAVY & AIRFORCE. Because for what they’re doing for us for our country is unimaginable and also let us stand up strongly against people who talk about dividing, destroying our country and spreading hatred in the name of FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

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To be more factual I have provided a few links please do take a look:

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Naveen is a first year doing his B.E in Mechanical Engineering.