A Lover’s Broken Heart

By Arul Shalini

On a rock at the edge of a cliff, I sat,

Knees beneath chin, toes peeping out,

To a valley of rich green, parted in between,

By a silver snake, whose name I knew not.


Orange gold was the sun,

As she slowly descended behind the hills,

Tinting pink clouds and sky that she left behind,

For her sister to adorn at night.


I sighed – enveloped in the beauty

And stillness around – though the contrast

With the gut-wrenching storm in my soul-

Unnerved me.


Crushing of leaves under uneven footsteps,

Broke my reverie – but I sat still –

The interruption, was unwelcome

And I wished the passer by, would pass by quickly.


“Will you be so kind, young lady,

to tell me where I may find,

A Lover’s Broken Heart?”


My wish ungranted, I turned quickly, arrogantly,

to take a look at the intruder.


Stood before me was an old man-

A mad man, hair disheveled,

clothes, tattered – madness in his smile,

Madness in his eyes.


“You won’t find any, I assure you.

There are none left – except maybe one

which will be gone, before you find it.”


He laughed a laugh – a maniacal laugh,

that jarred my senses, now accustomed

to silence.


Compelled to defend, I spoke-

“Love’s Life’s satire on humans.

Fate’s little pass time.


Accuse me of heresy – I care not –

But she is one of the most vilest of emotions –

Under the charming guise of a dream come true.


Joy and Bliss are but visitors –

Pain is your life partner thence.


She breaks down the walls you built,

to protect your little heart, the soul within.


True, Excitement, Passion, Euphoria reign

On being discovered for the first time.


Then it begins to singe, burn even

As the cool emotionless eyes of your lover

Unnotice you upon notice.


Humiliation, embarrassment engulf you,

As you try to rebuild the walls –

That once sheltered you –

protected you – now in ruins.


Time heals, they say, but only

the heartless-

For survivors are merely pretenders;

A Lover’s Broken Heart – lasts not long –

Oblivion is its only destiny.”


I saw the man smile,

with a spark of sanity in the madness.

Tears blurred my eyes,

And as I wiped them away,

he spoke –


“I assure you, child,

you did no wrong, by falling into

the whirlpool of romance.

Love is a strong, beautiful spirit,

possessing many throughout the ages.


A folly of youth – trust me when I say,

we have all been lovers once.


But as humans, you must remember,

we’re a fickle-minded lot.


We change, we grow – its our nature.


However, cocoon yourself not,

within walls of distrust and fear,

rather, the warmth and faith in people.


Addict yourself not,

to the drug of romance,

rather, the enchantment of being alive.


Dedicate yourself, then,

not to the love of a human, but to that of humanity.


You are young – there is much to see,

much to learn – let Life take you on a beautiful journey.


Bon voyage!”


With that, he was off,

before I could even respond.


By now, dawn had passed: the stars twinkled.

The queen of the night sky – will she arrive?

I knew not.


But the serenity of the darkness,

resonated within my soul:

I hopped off the rock –

Away from the cliff –

And towards my new Lover – Life!


Arul Shalini is doing her second year of B.E in Computer Science.