Am I Lazy or Losing Interest?

By Swathi.M

On a wonderful Saturday with my college having fun with Mitafest, here I am, lazy as usual. The day started with me trying so hard to get up from bed and I successfully did at 11 am. Slowly I freshened up and sat with my newspaper. I always love Saturday and Tuesday as I could see numerous articles in the newspaper which make my day. I opened the melange, and there was an article written by a freelance writer Bishwanath. I started reading. He had just written how he forced himself to write articles every week and submit it within the deadline. ‘Nice!’ I thought. Then suddenly I felt something void. ‘Where is the writer in me?’ I asked myself. Yes I would always be writing something or other. What happened now? I’ve changed. I had to accept the bitter truth. But why? Am I losing interest? It’s a clear ‘yes’.
Is getting attracted and then moving away, an inbuilt feature of humans? Or am I the only one like that? This is not the only arena where I lost interest. There are several to be stated.
Few months ago, everyone was crazy about yoga because of the International Yoga Day. I was also fascinated and took up a resolution to do yoga every day. Somehow this lazy girl managed to pull herself from the gravity of bed at 5.30am and reached terrace to work out the plan. But I executed it hardly for a week! I couldn’t wake up so early every day. And I compromised by telling myself that sleep was a medicine better than yoga.
Then, I started to water the plants in my garden. But I didn’t wake up so early for it. I woke up slowly, freshened up and started to water the plants when my mom came there, shouting at me.
“Why are you watering now?”
“Why not now?” I asked.
“It’s 10 am. If you water now, the plants will get dried up soon. Step out of the garden”
So I watered the plants in the evening as I could never wake up early in the morning. Wow! This time I did it for a month. I patted myself but then slapped for chucking it again. There’s only one reason – I lost the interest.
At last to state, I enrolled myself in the MIT Quill group in order to have my hands too in their work. But I never showed up. I felt guilty. After reading the articles of my friends in the group, my heart weeps. Why am I lazy or losing interest in everything I plan to do? I wanted to change myself and pulled up my socks. So here I am with this article as an excuse and with an apology for not showing up all these days.

Swathi, a first year from Aeronautical Department describes herself as simple, friendly and someone who believes impossible, the possible.