Essence of Love💕💓💔

Once upon a time when the roads were not ways of danger and the pavements were full of greens… there lived a young lady all alone..
No one knew who she was. There she was at her window all day longingly looking afar as if waiting for someone. She would look at the far away mountains everyday and in the evening before she closes her windows… lights a candle.

She spins scarfs for her living and though they dont sell as hot cakes.. she manages a living out of it.
She speaks to none. Not even to her neighbor. She even doesnt name the price of her scarf. She accepts whatever the buyer gives. You may think she is dumb. But no. Every sunday morning as soon as she is awake she rests by her window and sings a most beautiful tune with heart melting lyrics that the people of the town admire.
Now as days goes by this young lady starts crying and crying. Stops selling scarfs. Stops opening her window. Shuts herself completely inside the house.
So then one day when an old lady whose heart could not bare any sort of sorrow decided to enquire upon the young lady. She knocks. No answer. Again. No answer. She nudges the door and finds it open. She barges in panicking. She finds the ground floor empty and moves up. There. Below the window. She could find the young lady crouching with a letter in her hand. She was crying over it. “What happened darling? What are you crying over?”, the kind lady asked. “Nothing, mother. I am so happy and sad at the same time. My wish is fulfilled and my heart is broken all at the same time. Am the most unlucky and the most happy person in this world”, the young lady said over tears. “What happened my child? Could you not tell this old lady? Come on. Pour your heart out.”

And so the young lady began :
“It was a long time back when my family was with me and we lived a little far away from here, at the mountain valley. It was there i met Arthur. He was an artist who loved nature and replicated the same on his paintings. I was so shy to ask him to have a look at his paintings so i stole glances from his window. One day he caught me doing so. From then on we became good friends and then it advanced to love. We were to be married on St . Peters day and two days before my parents died enroute from a visit to invite relatives. I was shattered. I couldn’t think of a life without the people who brought me up. I left the place leaving a letter to Arthur stating that i was going to die. He found me at the peak of the mountain where he was struggling to get me off the cliff. And then due to the curse of the gods, the worst happened. He fell right towards the cliff and I… I couldn’t save him. I stood there as stunned as a goldfish watching my last relation on earth fall away. I could have also gone with him, had not i promised him a little earlier that i will never try suicide again. I came to stay in this village n everyday in mourning i light a candle across my window. My songs were Arthurs favorite and i sing every sunday in his memory. So it was days before that i received this letter from a friend from my valley who knows i am here. She said it was Arthurs marriage within days who has been restored to health being found by a young maiden. It seems as though he has lost all his memories before the fall. I am very happy he s all alive and sound. And also unlucky that i missed my first and last love forever. ”

The old lady was searching for words to pacify the young lady. She said : ” my dear child, this is the essence of love. Though you cant have his love anymore you are happy becz he is alive. And what is love without pain? You need not worry my child. God has better plans for you. Hereafter never shut ur self up. Mingle with the world try find happiness in others joy and surely one day god will give you something worth your goodness. ”

The young maiden pondered over these words for a while. She stood up, wiped her tears and said: “yes mother. You are right. Someone deserved Arthur more than i did. It is fine. To love and die is better than no love at all. ”

So there at last did she tell you the moral of what love is.

-by Sush Metha