Real Heroes: Prologue

by Sriram Venkatachalam

As usual I was sitting in my room simply without any work ….
Logged into Facebook…Saw where my friends are… Either in Vetri or in Varadharaja…Saw what they are doing.. Either hearing “Danga Maari oothari..” or watching “Ennai Arinthal “ for third time…Saw what they are feeling…”Feeling kaduppu” Project work…or “Feeling lonely”….
My roommate who was watching “Kaththi” for the 30th time shouted loudly…
“Machan….semma padam da….Thalaivar ennama karuthu solliyirukaru….Sathiyama chance illa….Vijay mattum politics ku vantha kandipa CM da”
The thinking of youth now a days is really senseless. The youth power which Vivekananda wanted to drive the nation is madly or foolishly running behind cinematic people.
We behave like a scapegoat or just a creature having no sense. We are incapable of differentiating between what is real and reel.
I am not here to blame Vijay or his fans. He is one of the best actor and acts according to directors command. There is no point of blaming the actors. Does he really solve any of the farmer’s problems or take part in any of their protests?
I can remember a Quora post in which a question was asked like this:
“Which is the most underrated and overrated profession in India?”
The reply says
“Underrated profession – Farming
Overrated profession- Acting”
I can’t specify simply farming alone. Really there are many people who are responsible for the nations progress in every field and we have not even heard their name…
Does anybody know Dashrath Manjhi?
Or Ritu Biyani?
Or Do we know about the man behind Green & White Revolution?
But we know about Hansika, Anushka, Nayanthara and their birth dates.. Their upcoming, past, present movie details. We even know about the Initial day collections of “I” or “Ennai Arinthal”, their screen counts, Overseas collections.
The main objective of this series is to bring forth achievements of some persons which we completely ignored or didn’t care about…
This series of episodes every week will portray the real heroes of India. India has many names to tell or mention other than Gandhi or Nehru.
This will surely be an inspiring effect on young minds like us.