Why I chose MIT over CEG



May 7 2015. 7AM. “Tamil Nadu State board results for Class XII to be declared today” read the headlines. Anxiety filled my heart. Hollywood thrillers with a budget of 120 million dollars couldn’t match the thrill of 12th standard results. The most defining moment of the year was impending. Forget butterflies, I had dinosaurs in my stomach.

10AM. The website opened. I punched in my roll number. I had to bring in reinforcements to type my Date of birth as I couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. Amma typed it in. We pressed the “enter” button.
My cutoff narrowed down to 199.75 . Anna University counseling was now a piece of cake. Anything, anywhere, assured. A year of hardwork had finally paid off.

May-June 2015. Two months of scurrying. Looking up websites; Reading answers on Quora; Asking opinions of various seniors from various colleges; I did everything to choose the very best. And I finally decided. It either had to be CEG, or MIT. Two of the best technical institutions in the city.

July 1, 2015. The counseling was here. First day, first session. “Please tell me your three options”, the computer operator said. “MIT- Computer Science, CEG- Computer Science, MIT-Computer Science[SS]”, I told him. 15 patient minutes ensued. “Confirmed”, the computer screen read. Yes, MIT Computer Science was finally mine. They gave us our confirmation letter. “First MIT seat this year paa!” [Translation- You’re the first one to choose MIT this year! ] the sir giggled. “Thank you sir!” I said, collecting my letter and leaving.

August-September. For someone who lived closer to Guindy than Chrompet, the travel was painful and irritating. My confederate, the 21G bus, would go past CEG everyday to reach Chrompet. 5 kilometers and 21 kilometers made such a huge difference. Like every normal human, regret started filling my heart. “Did I just make the biggest blunder ever?” my mind kept asking me. Classmates. Teachers. Seniors. Neighbors.  Everyone had the same old comment to make. “En pa CEG edukaama MIT edutha?” [Translation- “Why did you take up MIT when you had everything in CEG?” ] I didn’t have an answer.

October- Present
 This is when MIT decided to step in. I really think it took upon itself to make sure I justify my decision. Teachers who walked into the class with a smile. Friends who had no superiority or inferiority complex about themselves. Everybody is equal here. A symposium there. A symposium here. A fest there. A fest here. “Eventless day” doesn’t exist at MIT, my boy!. Seniors who literally transformed into siblings in the second semester, once the restrictions were relaxed. The phenomenon of T-series, creating an hierarchical family within the college. My god. Brilliance. Clubs and organizations which tried as much as they could to involve first years in everything. Trust me when I say “everything”. The entire vicinity of Chrompet, especially Radha Nagar. The whole setup of the college. 3 streets, 30+ buildings. You are bound to bump into seniors and juniors alike. Thereby successfully seeding interaction among them.When the whole college decides to step in, you really don’t have a choice. Do you?

You have everything and anything here. This is not a college. It’s a family. A very closely knit family. And I’m really proud to be a part of it. MITian dawwwwwwww! :’)

Akshay Venkat